Thumbtack in Supermac’s chips comp claims comes unstuck

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Thumbtack in Supermac’s chips comp claims comes unstuck

Pat McDonagh, Supermac's

SUPERMAC’S Pat McDonagh says he fights most compensation cases and the chips were down for one lady who made a claim against him.

He said very recently they had a claim made by a lady who was sitting in one of their restaurants.

“There was a noticeboard behind her. She said a thumbtack fell off the noticeboard and landed in her chips. It must have somersaulted out. She said it caused her severe distress and she was in fear of eating in restaurants and so on,” said Mr McDonagh.

The lady in question must have thought she was going to cash her chips in but she was wrong.

“That was withdrawn because lucky enough we had videos of her eating in a restaurant the week before she swore the affidavit,” he revealed.

Mr McDonagh has launched a scathing attack on Ireland’s compo culture.

“There is no willingness on behalf of the Government, who are ultimately in charge of this, to deal with this. There is no willingness on behalf of the judiciary to deal with this. They are responsible for how the courts are run. We reported three different claimants to the gardai but they weren’t really interested.

“Nobody wants to deal with the beneficiaries. Who benefits from these claims? Apart from the claimants themselves – they are only pawns in the game - it is the legal profession and to a much lesser degree medical professionals, engineers. The system is very corrupt. I’m not making any bones about it.”

Mr McDonagh, whose group has seven outlets (company and franchised) and two hotels in Limerick, says insurance has gone “out of control” in the last four or five years.

“I spoke to a lady in the last few days who was distraught because her insurance had gone up by €50,000.  It contributes to the decision whether it is viable to stay in business or not.” I

Mr McDonagh says he fights most cases.

“Obviously insurance is there for genuine actions. Nobody is saying that genuine actions don’t happen - they do. It’s only right and fair that a genuine victim gets an appropriate amount.” But there are many out there who make fraudulent claims.

“We experienced this one in Limerick where a guy had three claims against three different companies. His Dublin solicitor was so lax that he sent us the wrong claim at one stage.

“The insurance company settled it without our knowledge which was most infuriating because we felt it was always a fraudulent claim or at least questionable.”