‘They won’t knock us that easily’: Limerick beauty salon owner speaks of distress after burglary

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh



‘They won’t knock us that easily’: Limerick beauty salon owner speaks of distress after burglary

A DISTRESSED businesswoman has thanked the public for their support after her beauty salon was burgled and ransacked in the early hours of Tuesday morning. 

Gardai at Roxboro Road have launched an investigation into the burglary at Plush Beauty salon on Fr Russell Road, which occurred at around 4am on Tuesday. 

Ciara Flanagan, owner of the well-known salon, said that she estimates she is at a loss of around €1,000 after the culprits smashed two windows and ran away with a till with cash. 

Ms Flanagan received a call from a local resident, who she said witnessed a white car quickly leaving the scene, at around 4.30am. The businesswoman immediately rushed to the salon and started a clean-up. 

“If only for them [the resident], there would have been an awful lot worse done. They said they heard a bang,” she told the Limerick Leader. 

“I have two kids, so I had to go in there, not knowing what I was facing. And I was on my own at 4.30am cleaning up that mess. It’s only now that I feel a danger of what if they come back?”

But despite the distress of the situation, Ciara was back in business as usual at 9am. 

In a Facebook post, Ciara said: “We are still open guys they won't knock us that easily.”

“I haven’t slept but I really don’t know how I am going to sleep tonight. What am I supposed to do, sleep there? They don’t care if there’s cameras.”

Ms Flanagan said she has suffered a financial loss in recent months with no-shows at the salon. Only just taking to Facebook a number of days ago, she revealed that 87 no-shows have cost her business €1,674. 

“Then a couple of days later, my two windows get smashed in and my till is robbed. And it’s probably going to cost me another €1,000. That’s nearly €3,000 in revenue in four a bit months.”

She there have been suggestions from the public to install shutters at her store. 

“I don’t have the money for shutters. I have to pay for new windows and a new till and the money that was in the tills. Shutters don’t come for free and neither do windows.”

Speaking about the damage, she said: “They trampled [the glass] into the floor. All the floor is scraped, and it was all in behind the desk. The till was attached to a booking system, so they ripped the wires out.”

In an emotional video post on Facebook, Ciara thanked the public for their support this Tuesday evening.