Limerick gardai seek to locate occupants of car who 'ran off' following collision

David Hurley


David Hurley


Limerick gardai seek to locate occupants of car who 'ran off' following collision

Gardai at Rathkeale are investigating the incident.

GARDAI are appealing for help in locating the occupants of a car who fled the scene of a collision on the main Limerick to Newcastle West road.

The black car “rear-ended” a SUV which had stopped to turn off the N21 near Rathkeale at around 5.30pm on Thursday last – March 14.

“The black jeep was stopped and waiting to turn right off the N21. Suddenly it was rear ended by a black car. This car had four people in it all of whom jumped from the car and ran off,” said Sergeant Ber Leetch.

None of the occupants of the car - believed to be a Ford Mondeo - have been located to date and gardai say efforts to locate them are ongoing.

“Last Thursday was the day before the St Patrick’s bank holiday weekend and at that time the roads were very busy. I’m sure there were witnesses to this accident so please, contact investigating gardai,” added Sgt Leetch.

In a post on Facebook, the driver of the SUV stated she had just collected her young grandson when the collision happened.

"I was driving home and about to turn to take the road to my house when a black Ford Mondeo came speeding behind me as I saw them in my rear view mirror and honestly thought they would go inside me and pass me out. Instead they rammed my jeep and drove me across the main N21 road. It was the luck of God that there wasn't a vehicle coming against me or I wouldn't be telling my story," she said.

Gardai in Rathkeale can be contacted at (069) 63222.