Traders at Limerick's Milk Market to go green for St Patrick's Day demos 

Rory O'Connor


Rory O'Connor


Finest at Limerick's Milk Market to go green for St Patrick's Day demos 

Going Green: Maria Harper and Ciara Brennan of The Little Top Café

The Milk Market is showing its colours this weekend for the city’s St Patrick’s Festival by putting on a vegetarian cooking demonstration.

As part of the market’s Go Green campaign, five selected traders will demonstrate their cooking skills and green credentials by creating plant-based dishes

There is quite a varied menu set to be served up at the event. Sebastian Ridoux from Bon Appetit offers his St Patrick’s Day crepe.  

Theresa Storey from the Green Apron will be making wild garlic pesto and nettle soup, using plants foraged from her own land.

Ciara Brennan from Happy Food at Home will be preparing a hearty Guinness Lentil Stew and colcannon.

Emma Jayne O’Donoghue from Little Raw Kitchen will prepare a raw St Patrick’s Dessert.

The Little Top Café is the venue for this year’s event and chef Ciara Brennan said: “The Milk Market asked us to Go Green for St Patrick’s Day but we’re green every day. We love this idea of a live cooking demonstration with a selection of the Milk Market’s favourite traders.”  

Demo’s begin at 10am this Saturday.