LATEST: Firemen attacked while attending May Eve bonfires in Limerick

David Hurley


David Hurley


Fire crews dispatched to May Eve bonfires in Limerick

Crews from Limerick City Fire and Rescue keeping an eye on a bonfire at John Carew Park | PICTURE: Michael Cowhey

MEMBERS of Limerick City Fire and Rescue service came under attack while attending two separate bonfires in Limerick city this Monday night.

Youths who had gathered near the bonfire at Crecora Avenue, Ballinacurra Weston threw stones and other objects at a fire brigade following its arrival in the area at around 8.30pm.

None of the personnel were injured and its understood minimal damage was caused to the fire brigade.

In a separate indcident, crews came under attack in the Watergate area at around 10pm.

Again, there were no reports of injuries.

In what has been a busy May Eve, crews from Limerick Fire and Rescue service have attended more than a dozen bonfires across Limerick city so far this Monday evening.

The bonfires have been lit as part of the traditional May Eve celebrations to mark the end of spring and the beginning of summer.

Most of bonfires are located in green areas in housing estates and because of the good weather large crowds have gathered in many areas of the city.

Since 6pm, crews from Limerick Fire Station, Mulgrave Street have attended 15 separate bonfires. Just one had to be extinguished due to safety concerns.

In advance of May Eve, the organisers of bonfires were asked to ensure that they were properly supervised and that rubbish was not thrown on the bonfires.

Gardai attended the incidents at Crecora Avenue and Watergate.