Emergency services tackle three fires within an hour in Limerick

Jess Casey


Jess Casey



Emergency services tackle three fires within an hour in Limerick

Five units of Limerick Fire Service responded to three separate incidents within the hour.

Emergency services in Limerick had a busy night as they attended the scene of three fires within an hour, close to midnight on Friday night. 

A total of five units were dispatched to respond to the three separate incidents.

Two units from Limerick City were alerted to a house fire at Mount Pleasant Avenue, at 11.36 pm on Friday night. 

The fire was tackled before it possibly spread, and the units returned to the Mulgrave Street base at 12.01 midnight. 

The Fire Service was also alerted to another house fire within the hour.

Two units from Limerick City responded to a fire at Drumroe, Rhebogue at 12.08 midnight before returning to the base on Mulgrave Street at 12.32. 

Separately, another unit from Limerick City attended the scene of a car fire at Clonlong. 

Emergency services were immediately dispatched to the scene after they were alerted to the incident at 12.23 last night.

The fire was brought under control quickly and the fire service returned to base at 12.49. 

It is understood that no serious injuries were sustained as a result of the three incidents.