Limerick teacher in plea for return of stolen Mac

Aine Fitzgerald


Aine Fitzgerald

Alyson Nagle is asking for the return of the MacBook or the invaluable information stored on it

A LIMERICK teacher and part-time model is pleading with whoever stole her Apple MacBook Pro to find it in their heart to return it, as, she says, “it holds my entire life”.

Alyson Nagle has been left “devastated” after the MacBook was stolen from her car last week.

The value of the device – it costs in the region of €2,000 – she says is not the issue.

Instead, it’s the loss of seven years of academic work which has left her “heartbroken”.

“It includes every essay, every lesson plan, all of my school resources, everything! It basically holds my entire life,” said the 24-year-old from Adare who is a secondary school teacher in Hospital.

“These are things that have taken me years to build up and I’m back to square one again which is very disheartening,” she added.

The gardai have been notified as have Apple and the serial number of the MacBook is now marked as stolen on every Apple system meaning that if somebody looks for information from Apple on this product it is listed as a stolen item.

According to Alyson, who teaches English and Geography, the MacBook was stolen from her car between Monday and Thursday of last week.

“What is strange is the charger was there as well but they didn’t take it – they just took the Mac. It was in my school bag which was in the back seat of my car.

“They didn’t take the bag – they just took it out of it. It was obviously done very, very quickly – that they would just nab that and go.”

There is a reward being offered for the safe return of the MacBook Pro and all of the information it holds.

“All they probably thought about was, ‘Oh I can sell this on for two grand’ – that’s the value of but that is not my problem. I don’t care about that, it’s the information I want,” Alyson emphasised.

The well-known teacher who also models part-time with the Holman Lee Agency is urging anyone who may come across it, be asked to buy it or even be the person who took it, to find in within themselves to assist in its recovery or even just the recovery of the academic information stored on it.

“I don’t want to know who it is - I don’t care. Literally, all I want is the information that is on it.

“Even if they got someone to hand it in anonymously on a USB – I don’t care. I just want the information back. Or they can leave it somewhere and make a call. I really want the information on it – it is seven years of education.”

Alyson has also posted a request on her Facebook account requesting the safe return of the device, which has been shared several times by friends and acquaintances who have voiced their disappointment at the theft.

“Nothing worse! Hope you find it,” read one message while another read: “Horrific thing to happen!”

Anyone who has any information in relation to the stolen device is asked to contact Henry Street garda station in the city on 061-212400.