St Paul’s Sept 21

LEADERSHIP: The competitive factor of the competition ‘Limerick Going for Gold’ has shown not just the community spirit of different areas of the city and county but it has also displayed the leadership in communities when one or a few neighbours come together to do something positive for the community. Whether it is something like ‘a gathering’ or a clean-up activity people will respond more often than not to the call or urgings of a leader.

LEADERSHIP: The competitive factor of the competition ‘Limerick Going for Gold’ has shown not just the community spirit of different areas of the city and county but it has also displayed the leadership in communities when one or a few neighbours come together to do something positive for the community. Whether it is something like ‘a gathering’ or a clean-up activity people will respond more often than not to the call or urgings of a leader.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH: This district has had a number of houses recently entered by thieves when items of value and money were taken from them. Properties in Cois Luachra, the Hurdles, Huntsfield and elsewhere have been entered and robbed. It would appear that houses are being watched and targeted for theft when the occupants are out. Community Gardaí are not seen as often now and this may be that they are occupied with other duties. Consequently, in areas where neighbourhood watch applies it would be prudent that neighbours keep a watchful eye on their neighbourhoods and report any suspicious person or activities to the Gardaí at Roxboro Garda station. In the interim they ought to be aware of their own house security at all times. Never make it easy for your house to be robbed. Gardaí have stated on many occasions that a frequent means of entry is by a back-door that was left unlocked.

A recent survey of burglaries showed that in Munster the Limerick city and county has had the greatest number of burglaries and the survey also estimated that as many as one in four houses in the whole country has been burgled. So be aware of the fact that there are thieves on the look-out at all times and make it as difficult as possible for them. Finally, if you see someone suspicious or suspicious activity of any kind ring the Gardaí at Roxboro Garda station.

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: One of the great classic rock numbers that appealed to this scribe when he was of an age that such music filled his ear-drums for more hours than he would admit to now is the song by Joe Cocker called “The Games People Play” and he was not talking about hurling or football. One could cynically interpret it as being a comment on everyday life but it was really a comment about people and how we live our lifes. It is especially evident in the game of politics and it could make a person think very negatively about this discipline. However, the majority of us are so to speak ‘pawns’ in that game. In an age where the glib comment can have many meanings depending on how and when it is used it is important to be genuine especially with members of your own family and neighbours. These are the people that you will hope to be available when the times get tough and you are in the need of support and assistance. Cocker proclaims that people never say what they mean and never mean what they say. His is a philosophy of nebulous content that changes like the skies above us. Although the melody is pleasant the words can be depressive if you accept them as been just a fact of life for they are not complimentary to the human being but none the less they do reflect everyday living. Perhaps that was why a poet of the calibre and the integrity of Seamus Heaney and his poetry appealed to so many for he expressed what things really mattered in this life and how they are in reality.

POSITIVE AGEING: The positive ageing week held for the past couple of years was a great success and it was much appreciated by the old and the not so old. This year’s Positive Ageing week will be held from Friday, September 27 until Saturday, October 5. It promises to be just as interesting as the previous years. The aim of the week is to highlight the positive aspects of ageing and to celebrate the contributions made by the older generation.

ABSENT: Many a resident in the district turned on the water tap last Wednesday morning only to see nothing coming from it. It could be described as a mild shock or a disappointment as it is always expected to flow. However, on the St. Nessan’s road just in front of the Ballykeefe estate water could be seen percolating up through the tarmacadam surface, geezer-like, and flooding across the road and into nearby gardens and house fronts in some cases to a couple of inches. This caused disruption to the flow of traffic but fortuitously the local authority staff brought the whole problem under control after a short period of time. The problem is being attended to at present with work proceeding on the St. Nessan’s road.

LIVING LINKS: Recently the Samaritans charity organisation held an information evening seeking volunteers to assist in their work dealing with people that are or may be in a position to self-harm. Unfortunately some people do commit suicide and the charity Living Links is there to help all those that have been bereaved by suicide or know someone that has been bereaved by suicide. The annual healing programme providing emotional support and information night will be held on Tuesday, September 24 at 7.30pm in the Pastoral Centre, Denmark St. Limerick (beside ST. Michael’s Church). For further information phone (087/ 7998427.

A.A. MEETINGS: The St. Paul’s group of Alcoholics Anonymous meets in the St. Paul’s national school on three evenings of the week at 20.30hours. They come together on each Monday, Thursday and Saturday. If you are having difficulty with your drinking habits you are cordially invited and are welcome.

RE-OPENED: Many people regretted the closing of the Jesuit church in the Crescent during the past number of years. The community of the Sacre4 Heart of Jesus had left the building and the nearby residence. A new community of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest are now resident there and they worship and administer in the church each day and they are endeavouring to restore it as a place of worship. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is now celebrated in Latin on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8.30am each morning and on Friday at 7.30pm

EUCHARISTIC ADORATION: There was a meeting in St. Paul’s church recently of persons interested in arranging a date for the resumption of the Eucharistic Adoration every Wednesday in the Sacred Heart chapel attached to the church. It was hoped that there would be as many volunteers as was present last year to continue with this act of adoration.

RESUMED: The hourly adoration in the Univeersity Hospital chapel is to resume this week and it will be held each night of the week from 8.0-9,0pm. This will be in progress each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights and it is open to the public to come and worship.

TRAD. FOR TRÓAIRE: The traditional music sessions in aid of the NGO body Trócaire is to commence on this Friday evening, October 27 and it is to continue for the week.

LADIES WEEKEND: What has been termed as the Limerick Ladies Weekend is to commence on Friday, October 10 and will continue until October.13. During this weekend the Limerick ladies mini-marathon that has been such a success over the past number of years will take place on Saturday, October 12 at the University of Limerick campus commencing at 3pm.

There are many charitable organisations that are seeking sponsors one of whom is the Spina Bifida organization and if you would wish to support it please ring 439990/1 for a sponsorship card and t-shirt. Your support will be very gratefully received.

CULTURAL NIGHT: This Friday night is being observed as Cultural night when the general public will have free access to all cultural events in the city and the county free of charge. There is a wide programme of events to choose from and you are entitled to visit and enjoy as many as youo wish during the evening and night.

One type of music event is or are organ recitals which will take place in the following venues: there is a Limerick Pipe Organ festival by mini-organs from 6.0-6.30pm in the Sacred Heart Church, Crescent. The visiting organist will be Norbert Kelvin; from 7-7.30pm in St. John’s Cathedral and the organist there will be Br. Cyprian Love, OSB, of Glenstal Abbey: and again from 8.30-9.0pm in the chapel of Mary Immaculate College, S.C.Rd.and the organist there will be Peter Barley of St. Mary’s Cathedral.

SHAPE UP: Getting fit and in shape is now something that many people are paying more attention to especially since the fine summer weather commenced. An enterprising young man has opened the’ Better Body Bootcamp ‘every Thursday morning 10am and every Wednesday evening 7pm in Mungret Gaa club will be ideal for you. You can participate in a variety of exercises including Boxercise, Circuit training, Body toning. For more info contact John on 087-9115411 or jean on 086-1025906.

TIME WELL SPENT: Many people have retired from work in the past recent number of years. Many more are unfortunately out of work for one reason or another and with little prospect of a new job in the offing they are experiencing difficulty in passing their time. There is only so much television that anybody can watch or even would wish to watch. Boredom is a feeling that is best avoided and contrary to what is often heard by way of comment “that there is nothing to do”. But there is, in fact, many means of passing time in an interesting manner. A few suggestions come to mind such as volunteering to assist some club, a charitable association or sporting organization. Already, many have decided to actively pursue a healthier lifestyle and were engaged in preparation for the Great Limerick Run which took place on the May bank holiday weekend. There are plenty of study courses available for those inclined to advance themselves in that respect. One type of study course that is available in the St. Paul’s district and that is free to engage in is Local History. The venue for this study is Lissanalta House located on the Dooradoyle road and it is open from 9.30 am until 4.30 pm. It is really a treasure trove for all those with an inclination towards local history. Access is easy and there is no difficulty in parking in the car park nearby. The staff is welcoming and helpful and the surroundings could hardly be more comfortable. It is not confined to residents of this district but is open to the general public.

There is a variety of historic items such as the Census of Population 1996 or the chief inhabitants of the parishes of St. Mary’s and St. John’s parishes, emigration to North America from Limerick port in 1841 or a list of rebel prisoners in Limerick Gaol in 1798. These are just a sample of the many, many articles of Local History that are of interest to people from the city or the county. Other articles that will provide information to the most catholic of interests are family history research, local studies estate records, grave inscriptions (A-G) and Grave inscriptions (H-Z). The foregoing is only an example of the great range of historical articles that are available to the general public.

There are Images of Limerick city and county and the following links to the different items contained in these are listed:- photographs of Limerick County, photographs of Limerick City, audio visual collection, the Irish Tourist Association survey 1943-44, Thatched Houses survey and photographs collections in the library. The Limerick Studies Collection contains the following links to the different items contained therein:-book collection, flora and fauna, journals, literature, local government studies, maps, newspapers, ordinance survey and special collections. There is a collection of the music and song titles about Limerick and there is a selection of songs of Limerick also.

All that is outlined above is only a small sample of what you can study in journals, newspaper and articles available on request that you can peruse at your leisure during the hours of opening at Lissanalta House.

LONG OVERDUE: As most people know and understand now the degree of public services are much reduced at present due to lack of finance. However, there is a problem down in Cypruss Ave. which is located on the Dooradoyle road. When the weather is bad and the rains come heavy a large ‘pond’ of water gathers at the entrance/cum exit of this avenue. On occasions this large pool of water spills out onto the pedestrian way and even onto the main road. During winter time the pool is almost a constant. This obliges pedestrians to step onto the road sometimes to by-pass the water. The cause of this problem is a shore-hole that has been stuffed with silt and mud and may be other rubbish and this problem has existed for at least twelve months or more. The job to be done to relieve this blockage is not great and perhaps a good shovel would make it a thing of the past. Irrespective of what tool is required the problem needs attention sooner rather than later.

MUNGRET/ ST. PAUL’S GAA: Minor Hurling: Well done to our minor on a great victory over our neighbours Ballybown in their pitch on Tuesday last. Score was Mungret 3-12 to Ballybrown 1-11.

Minor Football:Well done to our Minor footballers on a draw in their City Final Match against Na Piarsaigh. This sees them facing them again. The photo shows some of the action to be had at the final in Rathbane.

Primary Schools:The football has started in the primary schools last week a St. Nessans V. St. Pauls U13 boys match. It was played like a county final even with a bit of blood spilt. St. Nessans were the victors in this match.

Ladies Football: On Saturday 14th we held an U8s and U10s blitz at the club with visiting teams travelling from Ahane and Listowel Emmetts. The U8s really gave their opponents some tough competition with some great displays of football. The U8s team included Emma Barry, Jillian Buckley, Cliona Byrne, Anna Campbell, Ella Page, Danielle Cronin, Ciara Donnarumma, Erin Hanrahan, Aimee Horgan, Eva Kiely, Aoife Long, Rachel Lynch, Derbhail Mangan, Lucy Lynch, Roisin O’Brien, Hannah O’Byrne, Abbie O’Connor, Roisin O’Gorman and Denise Quinn.

Two teams lined out for our U10s and the standard of football was played at a very high standard for this age group. The U10s teams comprised of Leah Barron, Emma Barry, Ciara Brennan, Bronagh Byrne, Maria Campbell, Amy Connolly, Aoibheann Cosgrave, Rose Dalton, Sarah Dignam, Aela Gleeson, Ella Mason, Tara Nealon, Anna Nolan, Ciara O’Keeffe, Grace O’Keeffe, Zoe Page and Monica Sheehan. Thanks to the Coaches, Neil Dignam U8s and Eamonn Byrne and Mary Murphy over the U10s team. We would like thank the referees, Haylee Dignam, Fiona Mangan and Jenni O’Malley and the travelling teams. A great day was had by all. Our Senior Footballers are scheduled to play the County Final next Saturday, time and venue have not yet been confirmed so keep an eye on Facebook for updates, all support for the girls is welcome.

On Saturday night Mick Timmons got the ‘surprise of his life’ when he walked in to the club house and was greeted by friends and family who were there to celebrate his 70th birthday. There were several presentations made by his ‘Mungret family’ and the party ran late in to the night. Happy Birthday Mick!