Ivan Morris Column - Why Adare’s offer is too good to turn down

Ivan Morris Column - Why Adare’s offer is too good to turn down
In his weekly Limerick Leader golf column, Ivan Morris writes about a great offer at Adare Golf Club and how you can improve your drive considerably.

In his weekly Limerick Leader golf column, Ivan Morris writes about a great offer at Adare Golf Club and how you can improve your drive considerably.

You may have heard the radio commercial in which a ‘senior’ voice addresses a 30-year-old ‘me?’

Well, if I were 30-years-old all over again, I’d give the new, limited, offer of full membership at Adare Golf Club serious consideration. It would be a no brainer not to!

Hasn’t the Robert Trent Jones Senior-designed golf course been named Ireland’s No. 1 parkland for the past seven years? Has it not been host to the Irish Open in 2007 and 2008, the JP McManus Pro Am on two occasions and the Irish Seniors Open, as well as other international events?

Adare has a fine clubhouse and fine dining, superb practice facilities and ‘only’ 150 members.

That means plenty of available tee times on a ‘big’ golf course where one tends not to notice other golfers that much. Such tranquil comfort is a rare golfing experience.

The idea arose at a meeting between the current membership and the resort owners because they realized that to create a genuine club spirit and golfing atmosphere you would need more than 150 souls.

Social activities play such a big part in the enjoyment of golf that the chances of delivering them along with the necessary commercial success requires more bodies around the place.

With all golfer groups, smooth rolling greens, course setting and design plus overall conditioning are by far the most important factors in providing enjoyment, which must put Adare in a strong position to achieve its target.

Of course, cost comes into it and the Adare package stacks up well against its rivals, especially when you consider the quality of the ‘product’ and its ‘exclusivity.’

There are two fee options: €3,250 in year one and €1,750 annually (with a gift card of €250 for services at Adare Golf Club) or €2,750 in year one and two then €1,750 annually (also with the gift card of €250)

Spouses can join for an annual fee of €995, students (up to the age of 23 in full time education) for €750 annually and Juniors (up to age 18) for €350 annually.

A letter of recommendation from an existing member is essential for all applications.

Michael Roberts, a man with an unparalleled pedigree in local golf, is Adare’s Golf Sales Manager. He says applications have been “rolling in, in three and fours every day.”

While the genial head pro, Gary Howie says: “Adare Golf Club remains one of the most complete golfing experiences, reflected in extremely positive green fee numbers this year.

The addition of new members will add dynamism to members’ competitions and social events. Given the number of requests for forms, we will be fully subscribed quite soon.”

For full information, please contact Michael Roberts or Gary Howie on 061- 605200.


Advice for Longer & Better Driving - Forget this drive for show and putt for dough mantra.

If you cannot drive the ball long and straight, you simply cannot play good golf. If any 18-handicapper could have any scratch man drive the ball for him but play the rest of the game as normal, he would be astonished at the transformation in his scores.

Drive for show and putt for dough, my foot. If you can’t hit those long, straight drives you won’t ever putt for dough!

Today’s 45” drivers perform best with the ball forward and contact made on the upswing. To become a good driver play the ball more forward at address.

Find an instructor who will show you the ‘draw swing’ because it’s more powerful. Forget about fading the ball, fades turn into wimpy slices too easily.

If weaker golfers could increase the speed of their shoulder rotation, more club head speed would be the result.

Turn the chest through the ball towards the target at the maximum speed possible but beware – it is a dangerous move that can lead to inconsistency and other serious flaws.

Resisting temptation is a big part of being a good driver. If you can’t carry over the trouble ahead with your normal swing, don’t try it.

Never aim at trouble because if the ball goes straight, you will find it. Aim down the middle, and give yourself a margin.

Analyze and understand what causes you to drive badly on random days and make allowances.

If you are already a big hitter but want to hit it even further: improve the final one-third of your ball flight by studying how the ball behaves toward the end of its journey.

If it falls from its peak abruptly, you will have to find a club that launches the ball higher with less spin.