Apr 13

Jude Meaney


Jude Meaney

VILLIERS SCHOOL NEWS: The new rugby season started well, with a strong performance on Welsh soil. The coaches and other staff involved, took the opportunity, to lay out objectives for the year, while on tour. A commitment was made by all involved, that this group would set an example for years to come, on how Villiers Rugby teams would go about their business. It was agreed that the team would train twice each week and also attend two conditioning sessions at 7.30, two mornings a week, before school. Attendance by all involved transpired to be excellent throughout the season. The good effort did not go unnoticed, with high levels of attendance by the Junior and U-14 Panels, who undoubtedly were reacting to the good example, set by their Senior peers.

VILLIERS SCHOOL NEWS: The new rugby season started well, with a strong performance on Welsh soil. The coaches and other staff involved, took the opportunity, to lay out objectives for the year, while on tour. A commitment was made by all involved, that this group would set an example for years to come, on how Villiers Rugby teams would go about their business. It was agreed that the team would train twice each week and also attend two conditioning sessions at 7.30, two mornings a week, before school. Attendance by all involved transpired to be excellent throughout the season. The good effort did not go unnoticed, with high levels of attendance by the Junior and U-14 Panels, who undoubtedly were reacting to the good example, set by their Senior peers.

A number of friendly matches were played at the beginning of the season, most of which the boys won, or at least put in very solid performances. The corridors of Villiers school were filled with talk of rugby, fitness sessions and upcoming matches. Rugby balls were to be seen everywhere one looked, from yard to classroom. Like all good teams, there was a great blend of personalities involved, which created great banter and fun between the lads, making the tough training sessions easier to face. The commitment to the task was unrelenting and all would agree, that these lads were self-motivated. There were many leaders amongst the squad and all deserve credit. However, the coaches and staff would like to extend a special word of thanks, to one individual. The boy in question is Cian Egan, who found himself in the misfortunate position of been slightly over age for Cup competition. Cian continued to train with the team for the rest of the season and was a great help and motivation, to all involved. All involved would simply like to acknowledge and thank Cian, for his efforts.

The goal from the outset, was to achieve provincial honours, namely to win the O’ Gorman Cup, which is a B and C School rugby competition, for u-19 boys in Munster. The draw for the cup did little to bring smiles to our faces, with some familiar adversaries appearing on our side of the draw. In truth, the coaches and staff were probably more concerned than the boys who had a resolute belief, that no team would stand in their way. The campaign started away to Rice College from Ennis, a team who had stopped our march for a few seasons at Junior level. However the boys dispatched their challenge with ease, with a 20 point victory. Next up a fellow B school, Tarbert Community College, familiar opposition and a school who never seem to produce a weak team, awaited us. A thrilling game ensued, where Villiers struggled to get their hands on the ball and were behind on the score board, with ten minutes remaining. However, a strong finish with tries from ace players Tobi Ademakin and captain Jack Kearney, left the Villiers boys ten points to spare, when the final whistle sounded, in a bitterly cold Coonagh Sports Field.

The reward was an eagerly awaited semi-final clash with arch rivals St. Clements, a team who had handed Villiers a heavy defeat, in a pre-season match. No one was in doubt, that this game could well define our season, but the mood was positive and the on-pitch effort was awesome. Villiers boys, were beginning to make a habit of going behind in matches and things were no different this day. However, with outstanding performances from Ian Gibson, Tobi Ademakin, Ben Coady, Gavin Hayes and man of the match Mark Armitage, victory was always on the cards, albeit a narrow three point difference in the end. Rugby was a topic of discussion everywhere one went in the school, as we all looking forward to the final and achieving the honours, which we had dreamt about since, the start of the journey.

The opposition was a Cork school, Colaiste Mhuire Crosshaven, a school with a proud rugby tradition. The final was to be played after the February mid-term break, with the mock exams completed. The tension was building and plans were afoot, to bring along as much support as possible. On the day, the boys were relaxed and great credit is due the coaches for keeping all involved, grounded and focused on the job in hand. The atmosphere in Clonmel Rugby Ground was electric, with a vocal and high spirited group of Villiers supporters, easily winning the pre match singing contest in the stand. With so much at stake, the first half was a tense affair and Villiers held a narrow half time lead of 8-5, through the boot of Ben Coady and the determination of Ian Gibson. Coady was now watching the match from the sideline, having picked up a heavy knock to the leg. His replacement Callum Wallace, playing his first match of the year, due to injury, was up for the challenge and fitted in seamlessly. His attendance at training throughout the season, had kept him in the frame and he understood the game plan, as well as any. The second halve was an expression of confidence and believe, that winning the cup truly was the destiny of this side. Tries from Gibson, Devon Staunton and the tireless Mark Armitage, ensured the cup would cross the Shannon once again, on that cold February evening. The boot of Wallace, ensured that there would be no doubt. At the final whistle, we had 15 points to spare and the dream was now a reality. I am assured that celebrations are finally abating.

Our junior boys in the interim, have now qualified for the final of the Giles Cup to be played after Easter. We wish them every success and acknowledge their hard work throughout the season. All involved in rugby in the school, believe that this senior team have truly redefined the culture of rugby in the school and for that, we thank you. We would also like to thank our director of rugby Tim Fennell, for his dedication in organising all that is rugby, in the school.

Congratulations to two of our students for their outstanding success in two writing competitions. Ailbhe Wheatley in Form IV Q, has been selected as a finalist in the John West Fantasy Writing Competition. Chosen from over eleven thousand entries, Ailbhe has the distinction of being shorted listed in the top 21 writers and will attend this year’s award ceremony in the Mansion House in April, where the overall winner will be announced.

Below is Ailbhe’s short summary, of her story. ‘The Whales’ centres around a girl named Maple Murphy, who is living on the west coast of Ireland. One winter’s morning, she trundles hypnotically down to the beach on her daily walk, only to discover the shoreline has been overthrown by blue whales. Climbing inside the mouth of one of them in the spur of the moment, she reveals a stone and on it, a piece of writing from a mermaid, named Chrystal. Fearing she will be regarded as insane, she keeps the stone a secret and buries it in the sand, even as she watches the world sabotaged, as whales all over the planet beach themselves, until there is not a single one of their kind left.

Sarah Hyde Form VQ, has won 1st prize in the Tell the Future competition. Tell The Future is part of a pan-European initiative - Future of Rural Energy in Europe, which is supported in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland by Calor Gas and aims to highlight the environmental and energy-related concerns, facing rural communities in particular. Sarah’s innovative and novel concept was to harness seaweed, of one of our natural resources, as a potential energy source. As part of her prize, Sarah will receive a one of a kind animated video of her entry, an ipad for herself, laptops for the School and tee-shirts for her class. Well done to both girls and we look forward to hearing and reading more from you both.

We are delighted to announce an exciting property purchase, marking the most significant expansion of our School, since the move from Henry Street to our North Circular Road Campus, in 1953. Villiers has purchased a significant property, immediately adjacent to the School. This property became available for purchase last year and after a lengthy period of consultation, professional advice and careful deliberation, we have been able to make this acquisition. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Villiers and provides us with the scope to extend, enhance and enrich the School campus for study, boarding and sporting facilities. We are delighted, that we have been able to secure the property, which will be of immense value to not only our current students, but for generations of students to come. It is an investment for our future and one we couldn’t afford to miss, located as we are in an urban setting. School resources have been and must continue to be prudently managed for this development, particularly at this time, when successive governments reduce our teacher allocations. Villiers campus, is now two acres larger and is complemented by two additional residential buildings. The larger house, currently known as Derravoher, is a beautiful period house, almost two hundred years old and is in keeping with our School’s history and traditions, as Villiers was established, almost two hundred years ago.

OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY PARISH RADIO SYSTEM: Towards the end of Sunday Masses, the celebrant priest calls the Minister of the Eucharist to the altar. These Ministers distribute Holy Communion to our parishioners, who are not physically able to come to church ceremonies. These parishioners will already have participated in the Sunday Mass, via their radio sets in their homes. Our system is in operation since 2001. In 2006, this equipment was licensed. We are restricted to using the system for the following, on a real time basis, service only available on a non commercial basis and service will not be available for reception on standard domestic receiver.

Our licence is valid for 5 years and we can be found on 27.6 to 27.99 MHz band. This licensing scheme will allow Church and community based organisations throughout the country to cater for parishioners, who are housebound and are unable to attend Church or other community services. A group of experienced parishioners liaise and assist our parish, in installing these radio sets. Interested parishioners may apply for the service by phoning 061 452 517, 061 452 169 or call into the sacristy.

OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY SERVICES: Weekend Mass Times: Saturday Vigil Mass 6pm. Sunday 10am and 11.30am. Weekday Mass Times: 10am Daily. Also 5.45pm daily during November, Advent and Lent. Baptisms: Saturdays at 5pm and Sundays at 12.15pm. Marriages: Three months notice to Parish and Civil Registrar. Church Office: Telephone 061 325 288, from Sundays 9am to 12.30pm and Weekdays 9am to 9.45am.

FREE LIFE DRAWING SESSIONS: Please come along to the Limerick City Gallery of Art, Carnegie Building, Pery Square, Limerick, on Thursday, April 11 from 6pm - 8pm. Free life drawing sessions, facilitated by Limerick Figure Drawing Society, welcome students and adults of all levels of drawing ability. All materials and clothed model provided. Practical drawing sessions will be preceded by a short guided tour of examples in the current exhibitions and Permanent Collection for drawing inspiration. Booking in advance required. Admission is free. For further information, please telephone 061 310 633, or Email: aoibheann.mccarthy@limerickcity.ie Web: www.gallery.limerick.ie

VISUAL ART EXHIBITION: Please come along to a Visual Art Exhibition at the Occupy Space, 7/8 Rutland Street, Limerick from Thursday, April 11 to Saturday, May 11. Occupy Space and Stag & Deer present works by Richard Forrest, Laura McMorrow, Caroline McNally and Gillian McAteer. Taking lens-based media as a starting point, Occupy Space have developed a curatorial collaboration with Stag & Deer, an exhibition-making partnership based in Cork. Both Occupy Space and Stag & Deer are non-profit organisations with a history of utilising slack spaces, multiple sites and temporary venues to house exhibitions of contemporary visual art.

We share a common objective on this particular project, which positions lens-based artists firmly within the remit of contemporary visual arts practice. The selected artists use a range of approaches, incorporating multi-disciplinary practices, that speak to the process of making in relation to lens-based media. Photography, film, performance and installation combine, inviting the audience to explore the ideas of perception and the human experience of seeing, which underpin concepts at play within the individual artworks.

On this occasion, we are using two slack spaces to exhibit the works. They are located side-by-side at 7/8 Rutland Street. We would like to acknowledge the support of Limerick City Council, for permitting access to the spaces which had formally been earmarked, as part of ‘The Opera Centre’ development. Admission is free. For further information, please Email: occupy.space@gmail.com Web: www.occupyspace.com

LIT FILM FESTIVAL 2013: From Thursday, April 11 to Saturday, April 13, Limerick Institute of Technology’s Audio Video Department, have decided to promote film and video production in the mid-west region of Ireland, with the 4th Annual Film Festival. This is the brainchild of Lecturer, Simon McGuire, who believes that this type of festival and competition give second and third level students, as well as other film makers, a chance to show off their talents to industry professionals, their peers and families, with the latest technology available. After the success of the first three years of the festival, it was decided to focus the festival to a series of events, targeting the future of the industry and strengthening connections with other film makers, both home and abroad. It consists of an exhibition of professional equipment and industry, workshops by industry professionals, film viewings and an awards night, for the film competition.

As in previous years, we believe that the festival should be a festival and not just a competition. The judging panel will consist of members of the professional media industry, representing both technical and creative areas. As well as their role of judging, they are also being asked to give keynote talks or workshops to students, on current work practices and industry standards, as well as discuss new technologies and equipment. The venue will be at the Millennium Theatre at Limerick Institute of Technology and the lecturing staff of the Audio and Video Department, as well as the Video and Sound students, will be looking after the running of this three-day event.

IRISH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA ‘VIRTUOSITY & ABSURDUM’: The Irish Chamber Orchestra will be performing at the University Concert Hall, Castletroy, Limerick on Thursday, April 11 at 8pm. Jörg Widmann, continues his journey through the cosmos of Mendelssohn’s symphonies. The prodigious Mendelssohn wrote his set of twelve lost ‘Sinfonias’, or symphonies over two years – aged fourteen, and was greatly influenced by Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. Later, while living in Italy, he conceived his Italian Symphony, which depicts the southern nature, the atmosphere and the Italian psyche. Rossini’s Introduction, Theme & Variations is a brilliant work for solo clarinet and orchestra, and one of his rare works for instruments.

In between, the ICO showcases the composer Jörg Widmann’s Ad absurdum. Widmann sets himself the task of testing trumpeter Sergeij Nakariakov, to his virtuosic limit. Described as the “Paganini of the trumpet”, Nakariakov was the obvious choice for Jörg Widmann’s masterful Ad Absurdum, which is almost impossible to perform. The theme of the work is the absurdity versus virtuosity encapsulating the soloist in a ‘home-made’ cage – ad absurdum. Jorg Widmann Principal Guest Conductor/Clarinet, Sergei Nakariakov Trumpet, Rossini Introduction, Theme & Variations, Mendelssohn String Symphony No. 2 in D, Widmann Ad absurdum Konzertstück for Trumpet & Orchestra and Mendelssohn Symphony No. 4 Italian.

For further information, please telephone 061 331 549, or Email: mairead.tierney@uch.ie Web: www.uch.ie / www.irishchamberorchestra.com

NA PIARSAIGH GAA CLUB NEWS: The senior hurlers played ACHL/City Hurling Championship semi-final, when they travelled to Patrickswell to take on the locals.

On a blustery evening, we welcomed back our six Limerick senior hurling panelists, who unfortunately were just pipped by Dublin in the Div1B final.

We got off to a tonic start, when Shane Dowling converted a penalty, after a foul on David Sheppard. As the first half wore on, it was Shane’s accuracy from frees, that kept us in touch against a very strong breeze. The second half brought more of the same and the quality on show was pretty average, with both teams showing early season rustiness. Some notable points from full back Niall Buckley, Kevin Downes and David Sheppard, along with the unerring accuracy from Shane Dowling, saw us over the line on a scoreline of Na Piarsaigh 1-13 to Patrickswell 0-13.

Team: Padraic Kennedy, Brian Shannon, Niall Buckley, Alan Dempsey, Aidan Hennessy, James O Brien(capt), Kieran Breen, Eoin Hogan, Cathal King, Kevin Downes, David Breen, Kieran Kennedy, David Sheppard, Shane Dowling, Adrian Breen.

The under 14 hurlers opened their Feile na nGael local championship, with the visit of Kilmallock. This was a hard fought contest, which was nip and tuck all the way. The half time score was 0-03 to 0-03. On the change of ends, it was Ross McGoey who slammed home a goal, to send us on our way to victory. A second goal was added by full forward Padraic Heaney, along with points from Rueben McCarthy, Jamie Mitchell and Paul Considine, to leave the final score at 2-06 to 0-03, in our favour. Overall, a good team performance, but with plenty to work on. Up next is a semi-final versus Mungret, in two weeks time.

Team: Barry Dunworth, James Daly, Lucas O Sullivan, Sean Long, Liam Barry, Jerome Boylan, Michael O Callaghan, Ryan Aherne, Cameron Di Bennitto, John Costelloe, Paul Considine, Jamie Mitchell, Reuben McCarthy, Padraic Heaney, Ross McGoey. Subs: Ger Kennedy, Chris O’Hagan, Adam McNamara, John Moloney, Eoin Sherlock, David O Byrne, John Leahy, Colin Moynihan.

The lotto draw was held on Monday evening, but no winner emerged. Numbers drawn were 1, 19, 26 and 31. The lucky dip winners were Lavinia Duggan, Helen O’Flanagan, John Doyle and Brian Kelly. Sellers prize went to Mike Broderick and Liam Maxwell got the house prize. Next week’s jackpot is €12,200.

We congratulate Maurice Horan and the Limerick senior footballers, on gaining promotion to Division 3. Congratulations also to Donal Hartnett, Dan Hickey, Seoirse Laffan and Ray Mitchell, on winning the Limerick GAA brain quiz, in the Woodlands Hotel on Thursday. Well done also to the Na Piarsaigh ladies, who were part of the Limerick senior camogie team over the weekend. Finally we would like to sincerely thank everyone who voted for Na Piarsaigh GAA club in the Etihad GAA competition. We really do appreciate everybody’s support.

OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY CHRISTIAN MEDITATION: This alternative form of prayer, takes place each Monday evening in Our Lady Of The Rosary Church, after Adoration at 7 pm. Many thousands of people all over the world have found their spiritual lives enriches by the practice of Christian Meditation. Christian Meditation has been practiced since the foundation of the Church and was reintroduced by the late John Main, who was a Benedictine monk. We say a prayer word, which we call a mantra and this word is repeated, all during the meditation. A difficulty for people are the constant distractions - we do not fight them; we treat them as background noise. Maybe you have attempted Meditation on some previous occasion, but do not be discouraged, as each attempt is regarded as a new beginning. The goal of Meditation is to keep The Lord Jesus, in Reverence in our hearts and to be open to His Presence in silence and stillness. Meditation helps people to be in a state of empathy with God. The weekly meeting, helps people in the daily practice of Meditation in their lives.

OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY COELIAC COMMUNION: Anybody who has a Coeliac condition is welcome to receive the Chalice at communion time, when the Ministers of the Eucharist receive at our Masses. Please if possible, inform the Celebrant before Mass begins, so as to make him aware.