Secret Junior Footballer - Pike Rovers, Janesboro and Wembley Rovers among my Easter winners

The Secret Junior Footballers is a current player in one of the LDMC leagues
In this week’s Limerick Leader column, the Secret Junior Footballer gives out his Easter awards.

In this week’s Limerick Leader column, the Secret Junior Footballer gives out his Easter awards.

Hopefully everybody got over the Easter period in one piece. Jesus might have risen again on Easter Monday but it was an achievement not emulated by David Moyes and in high level football is looks spookily as if United are turning into Liverpool circa 1993 and Liverpool in turn are becoming United.

Locally, it’s time to reflect again and following a short Christmas award-giving, it’s time the Secret Junior Footballer dug deep into the leftover Easter eggs and distributed some prizes.

- Getting the giant Milk Tray egg is Cappamore Celtic. Champions or Champions elect in two of our junior divisions, the east Limerick club can look back on the season as a huge success. Their high profile clubman might be mad as a bag of spanners but with Div.4 and Div.1B titles more or less in the bag, they’ll be munching on their milk chocolate reward until well into the summer.

- Pike Rovers get the Thornton’s Deluxe. Though not as sweet as its Cadbury’s counterpart it’s reassuringly expensive and big enough for everyone to be suitably impressed, much like the only Junior Premier League team to win a trophy so far this year.. The Thornton’s egg though has a hollow centre. No bag of sweets, no chocolate bars, just an empty shell that lacks real filling power once you’re torn off the wrapping.

- Janesboro deserve the Wispa egg. Now I’m far from a Wispa man, there’s a bit too much hot air spun into the chocolate to enjoy that particular brand of chocolate but it does the job. I’d rather a Mars Bar any day of the week but puzzlingly, the Wispa remains a big seller every year without every really catching up with the big boys.

- Moyross United for me are Creme Eggs. Everyone loves one but can’t really stomach more than one or two. Flying high in 1A, the north side team are threatening to take the league by storm. Indeed, during their ascent to the higher leagues I had a few battles with them in our place and in theirs and the Premier division will surely soon be getting a belt of their sugary brand of football. Notoriously, Creme Eggs are only available for a few months of the year but Moyross make a real case for being around for many years.

- Finally, the mini-eggs. I still stand by my Christmas Pudding award back at the turn of the year and boys, the table doesn’t lie. Truthfully, Wembley Rovers have been an example to everyone on how to keep the flag flying during tough times and huge credit must go to the players and management team. Both will go on to better things in seasons to come, much in the same way that you’ll be finding mini-eggs under the couch for months after Easter.

But everyone loves a mini-egg, even me.