Hospital Jan 25

HOSPITAL FAMILY RESEARCH CENTRE : The Centre is welcoming new members to Beginners Computers, Drama and “Time For Me” Women’s Group, this New Year.

HOSPITAL FAMILY RESEARCH CENTRE : The Centre is welcoming new members to Beginners Computers, Drama and “Time For Me” Women’s Group, this New Year.

Drama with Karen Fitzgibbon begins Wednesday 22 January running for 10 weeks from 6pm to 7.30pm. The main focus of the course is to build confidence and develop acting skills through the medium of drama games, mime, group work, improvisation, story-telling, role playing and much more! Fun is the key word to describe this course. This programme is open to all at the cost of just €2 per class.

The Women’s Group in Hospital is also back up and running with a variety of activities planned for the Spring – including yoga, reflexology, essential oils and knitting.If you would like more information phone Mary 061/383884 or pop along Thursday mornings from 10 – 12 in Hospital Family Research Centre.

Computers for Beginners takes place on a Wednesday evening with small classes suited to your individual needs – phone Chris on 061/383884 to book in or to find out more. Look forward to seeing you.

UPCOMING FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS WORKSHOP IN BERT HELLINGER’S NEW METHOD (MEDICAL CONSTELLATIONS): Family Constellations, as developed by the German Philosopher and Therapist Bert Hellinger, are a form of group energy that aims at restoring the flow of love in family systems, unblocking people and organisations path toward success in all aspects.

Constellations help with difficulties that we may experience in relation to mental or physical health, relationships, work of financial problems (lack of money, difficulties to sell a property etc) They help children with problems (dealing with the parents) and also animals (dealing with the owners/carers).

The work ripples across the whole systems, without the need for their members to be present, a part from the client that requests a session.

During a family constellation workshop, another force is at work, one that loves everything as it is and everyone as they are, seeking a solution that takes care of all. In a typical constellation (following Hellinger’s new method) some participants are asked to represent certain family members, or other relevant entities, often what they represent maybe unknown. They may be chosen by the client, the facilitator, or directly by the energy field. Representatives, relying only on their perceptions and feelings, in a meditative state, recollected, slowly and in silence, start feeling and moving like those they actually represent. In this way, the hidden dynamics behind the problem are brought to light. With little intervention from the facilitator , through the recollection of all present, a healing movement is then put in motion by someone greater (Hellinger calls it “the Spirit Mind”) bringing about a solution. The results may take weeks, months, or sometimes years to manifest (the deepest changes take longer) affecting all aspects of our lives, for everyone is interconnected and often affecting relatives who have not even been present at the workshop. We are all connected. As we heal, those are in our frequency heal too. As we become “ordered”, the world around us also becomes ordered.

At the workshop you will have the opportunity of experiencing family constellations work by participating as a representative in a constellation for someone else and you may also have a constellation for an issue that you may need help with. The workshop will also include different exercises that will open up healing in different areas of our lives.

Prerequisites are that participants attend out of their own will and wish to do so. For constellations to work it is important that participants assume responsibility for their own lives, in acceptance of what is.

The workshop will be held 31st January from 2.30pm to 5.30pm in the Family Research Centre, Knockainey Road, Hospital.

LECTURE: Lough Gur Historical Society will hold a lecture in Honeyfitz on Thursday January 23 at 8.30pm. The subject is Mary Hickson and the Earls of Desmond by Gerald O’Connell who is the author of the book titled Earl of Desmond.

EVENING CLASSES: John the Baptist Community School’s evening class for Spring 2014 are – Art, Paul Quane, €80, Thursday. Digital Photography, John McEniry. €80, Thursday. Set Dancing/Sean Nos (Beginners start January 14), Pat O’Dea, €5/class, Tuesday. Zumba Dancing (10 weeks starting 13 January) Shelly Naughton, €6/class Monday. All classes are of 8 weeks duration unless otherwise stated. Classes commence Thursday January 23.