Mar 9

Maureen Sparling


Maureen Sparling

SHANNON STANDS PROUDLY FROM THE REST: Shannon is surely on a roll and long may it continue. On Saturday last they emerged as the sole winning side of all the local teams who played on the day, having defeated Cork Con by a margin of 45-26. In so doing they scored a massive six tries and also gained a valuable Bonus point. So, well done to the manager, the mentors and of course to the gallant Shannon team, the stalwarts who make it happen, and who train hard no matter what the weather!

SHANNON STANDS PROUDLY FROM THE REST: Shannon is surely on a roll and long may it continue. On Saturday last they emerged as the sole winning side of all the local teams who played on the day, having defeated Cork Con by a margin of 45-26. In so doing they scored a massive six tries and also gained a valuable Bonus point. So, well done to the manager, the mentors and of course to the gallant Shannon team, the stalwarts who make it happen, and who train hard no matter what the weather!

There is a team, a gallant team,

Stands proudly from, stands proudly from the rest,

And best of all in this whole League,

Is that great team, is that great team to us.

It is not that alone they fight,

When all the odds are stacked against,

But because they are our parish pride,

And their home, their home is here!

Better stop while I’m ahead, I just might get carried away; could go on forever.

MICHAEL KIELY AWARD: Great news for Athlunkard Boat Club which was first established in 1889. Michael Kiely was awarded a Limerick City Sport Award for rowing on Friday, March 1, 2013, in the Castletroy Park Hotel for his long standing service to our local rowing club, Athlunkard Boat Club. The committee and members of ABC would like to congratulate Mike on this great achievement. I’m sure that many people throughout the parish would like to reiterate these good wishes to a Mike who has given generously of his time throughout many years, his example and encouragement being vital to this sporting club, not least of which was to its younger members, both male and female.

CIVIC TRUST TALK: The talk will take place in the Georgian House, 2 Pery Square, at 1.05pm, Monday 11th of March. The talk will last approximately 45mins. Admission is free and all are welcome. However seats are limited to 50 so come early to avoid disappointment. Places can be booked by contacting Tea/Coffee will be provided and you are welcome to bring your own lunch

AN OBSERVATION ON ‘THE ISLE’: On Saturday afternoon last, Lorcan Murray played Suzanne Murphy singing ‘The Isle’ having been duly informed of Shannon’s great result. It was just wonderful to hear our parish team mentioned on Lyric FM. However, I find it very interesting and little funny too, that when the words of this great Parish Anthem are typed up on the computer, there is an instant correction when the words ‘in all this world’ are typed. Then upon querying the correction, you receive the alternative which the ‘computer mind’ prefers and it is, ‘this entire world!’ Now how about that? Puts emphasis on its proper perspective, doesn’t it? Frequent users of the computer will understand exactly what I mean.

BINGO TONIGHT: On Thursday 7th March, at 8.30 p.m. Árd Scoil Mhuire (Corbally) Parents’ Council is organising a Bingo night as fundraiser for the school. All welcome - Venue: Árd Scoil Mhuire School Hall. Entry for adults €10 & children €5. Full house €40 and spot prizes for lines. Refreshments included in entry fee. There will be a raffle on the door tickets and another raffle on the night! Let all those Bingo buffs out there know!

CATHEDRAL LUNCHTIME CONCERT: The very popular Lunchtime Concert returns to St Mary’s Cathedral this coming Wednesday. It begins at 1.15 pm and finishes at 2.00 pm. Admission is free but a donation to the Retiring Collection would be most welcome and this will go to aid the Companions of St Mary’s Cathedral Music. The concert on Wednesday, March 13th, will feature: Peter Sebestyen(cello); Adam Scheck(piano/guitar) - music by JS.Bach, Schubert, Burgmuller, Carulli, Scheck and Paganini.

CHORAL EVENSONG: At St Mary’s Cathedral on Sunday, March 17, 2013 at 7.00 pm.

MAE TOURS KILDARE: Well where else one might ask, as she happens to be domiciled in those parts? Anyway, last Sunday saw the welcome return of our Parish writer and broadcaster, Mae Leonard, to ‘Sunday Miscellany,’ and very entertaining it proved to be. No ordinary tour was this as nothing is ever ordinary with our seasoned writer. There was a ‘happening.’ Yes indeed, two foreign tourists whom her guide, Mario, and herself thought were a trifle overly effervescent in their acknowledgement of them some distance away, just happened to have been inadvertently locked into the Castle in Kildare, and were in fact, trying to alert them to the situation. Mae introduced her listeners to the Leinster Book, which is of extreme historical significance. It resides in Trinity College, a place where for various reasons, I have occasion to frequent of late. I must home into the said book next time I’m visiting there. As part of her tour the writer also paid her respects to the magnificent Japanese Gardens, a place that happens to hold very happy memories for me, as a family member and myself stopped by there when I was on my way to a meeting in Dublin on educational matters back in 1971. It was a wonderfully fulfilling experience to have visited these unique Gardens, and particularly because it was in the Spring and all animal and flower life was beginning to sprout forth. Once again well done to Mae, and thanks to her for keeping the literary flag flying for the Parish for over three decades now. In other words, she has been our solid link to RTE radio during all those years. Don’t forget, this programme is Pod-cast if you happen to have access to a computer.

OLDEST RESIDENT: Upon seeing a woman on television over last week who had reached the ripe old age of 113 0r 114 years, prompted me to wonder who might be the oldest person in our parish? Now don’t all rush forward at once but it might be worth thinking about.

RED FOR RUGBY RONAN? : Niall Ronan gave a wonderful display of rugby prowess when he helped his Parish team, Shannon, defeat Old Belvedere at Thomond Park two weekends ago. This gallant display followed many months of injuries which must have been both physically and mentally painful for him. However, Ronan has his sights set on the Munster pack and he hopes to be part of that proud team some time soon. We wish him the very best of luck and we will be keeping an eye on his progress.

FURTHER ISLAND BANK CLEAN-UP: Last year a major clean-up of the Island Bank was undertaken by Limerick Civic Trust and the result was wonderful to see. Now, in the past few weeks a band of workers have returned to the Island Bank again and they are making quite a difference once again. A far different vista is opening up to the healthy minded walker and what is being presented is nothing short of pure pleasure. So, it’s well done to the workmen who are employed at Civic Trust!

CASTLE SUMMER OPENING: A notice outside King John’s castles informs us that the Castle is to open in the Summer of this year. We look forward to this wonderful day with eager anticipation.

JOHN GILLIGAN ON TV: I wonder how many locals spotted Cllr John Gilligan on television as they watched the Munster game on Saturday last, which was played out in Thomond Park. Following the marvellous try by Barley, he was seen in exuberant spirits cheering on the team and he was clothed completely in red!

REMEMBERING PARISH CLERK WILLIE: I have an abiding memory of our late parish clerk mentioned below as he lead the rosary at a removal and also in the painstaking way with which he assembled the crib at Christmas time, other than that he appeared very little but was always busy behind the scenes, a solid rock for all the priests who served in our parish down through the years.The following piece appeared in a Parish magazine of Christmas, 1999. “Sad news rang through St Mary’s Parish with the death of Willie Bartlett. Mr Bartlett, a sacristan in St Mary’s Parish for many years was a well known and well liked parishioner and was spoken of very highly for his dedication to St Mary’s. Willie Bartlett survived his late wife, Joyce, by nineteen years and had a daughter, Marie and a son, Ferdinand. Willie Bartlett lived in a house in Keeper View Terrace with his brother, Charlie.

A Parish Clerk in St Mary’s for an amazing 53 years, Willie Bartlett made St Mary’s history. He saw the change-over from the old Penal Church to the new building in 1932 at first hand. Willie was on call in St Mary’s seven days a week and his devotion to the church is legendary. Willie will always be associated with St Mary’s and with the legendary, Monsignor Lee, they made a formidable combination and kept the life of St Mary’s going for over forty years.

A Yorkshire man by birth, Willie Bartlett took great pride in his work and achievements and Willie will be sorely missed by his friends and fellow parishioners.”

In a Parish magazine, this worthy appraisal of our late Parish Clerk is accompanied by an excellent sketch of Willie by Parish Artist, Pat Collins.

THE CLANCY CLAN: In conjunction with The Gathering, the Clancy clan, of which there are legions, is having a get together, I understand, very early in May, the first three days to the best of my knlwledge. It is timely then to mention that the precious memoirs of the late Jackie Clancy, entitled, ‘My Life on the River’ has been published for the second time and is available at the Celtic Bookshop and at O’Mahony’s Bookshop. This work was painstakingly undertaken by his daughter, Delia, who is domiciled in America. Those who were lucky enough to secure a copy of these precious memoirs, which come with some unique pencil drawings, will consider it a keepsake. However, anyone who did not purchase it first time round and who wish to get it, would want to move quickly, as it may be your last chance.

OLDER PERSON’S FORUM: The Older Person’s Forum for Limerick citizens has been launched recently, much to the delight of the over 55s. The cut and thrust of the forum is to allow older citizens to convene and air their views on matters that are important in later years. It is envisaged that their concerns can then be brought forward to the appropriate public representative. The Forum will be a conduit to put forward the concerns of many older citizens. To become more acquainted with the new Forum, you can go to or For further information you can also contact Paul Partnership at 061-419388.

CHRIST CHURCH CELEBRATION: Continuing from last week’s notes: “Due to the relatively small Protestant Community in Limerick, it is understandable that over the centuries there have been significant inter-denomination marriages and community interactions. Consequently, for family history enthusiasts and novices alike, the opportunity to review all these documents together is significant.

For the novice genealogist or someone who just wants to find out more about their own family we will have volunteers on hand to assist them to find their family records and help them to commence building their own family tree. To make the search as rewarding as possible we would advise anyone, who is intending to come on the day, to have done a little family research beforehand. e.g. Find out all the names of your grandparents, any significant dates and where they were from. Obscure Christian Names are particularly useful in helping to confirm connections. We also intend to have internet access available in the Church on the day to allow people to commence initial searches on some of the very useful internet sites that are available online.

For the more experienced genealogist with particular connections in the Limerick area the opportunity to review these records in the one location should be very exciting. We expect to have available on the day:- Limerick Methodist Registers from 1842, Limerick Presbyterian Registers from 1829, Christ Church Limerick Minute Books, Adare/ Balingran registers, Limerick Church of Ireland registers, Limerick Baptist Church registers, St. Michael’s National School Roll books, Villiers School roll books, &co. On the day, Michael Wheeler, a genealogical enthusiast, will give a talk on his own extended Wheeler family research entitled “Silver Bells of Memory.” His talk will focus on the historical and intriguing aspects that he has encountered whilst researching his own family tree. Of particular interest will be the topic on Irish History from a Protestant stand point, a view not normally explored by historians. For further details of the ‘Genealogy & Family History Day’ please contact Michael Wheeler For further details of the events organised for the year or for any other information on Christ Church, please make contact with the Rev Vicki Lynch. Her e-mail address is:”

SEAN-FHOCAL: “Na trí cairde is fear agus na trí naimhde is measa, tine, gaoth is uisce.” “The three best friends and the three worse enemies, fire, wind and water”

MOTHERS’ DAY: Tomorrow, Sunday, mothers all over the world will be celebrating their special day. Here’s wishing any mothers who may be reading these notes a very Happy Mother’s Day and perhaps for once in your life, keep that box of chocolates for yourself. Somehow, I fail to see that happening.


When you’re a child she walks before you,

To set an example.

When you’re a teenager she walks behind you

To be there should you need her.

When you’re an adult she walks beside you

So that as two friends you can enjoy life together.

Author Unknown