Secret Junior Footballer - Time to get the skulduggery out of Limerick soccer

The Secret Junior Footballers is a current player in one of the LDMC leagues
In this week’s Limerick Leader column, the Secret Junior Footballer wants to see an end of skulduggery on the local junior soccer scene.

In this week’s Limerick Leader column, the Secret Junior Footballer wants to see an end of skulduggery on the local junior soccer scene.

Skulduggery isn’t a term you hear very often anymore. Meaning unscrupulous behaviour or activities, skullduggery fell out of use lately, not because it ceased to exist, more because other more user friendly words came into use like underhanded or dishonest.

As the season draws to a close, the skullduggery of the various committees and individuals starts to come into play as clubs and club chairmen and secretaries jostle for position as the LDMC AGM and the election of officials looms large.

Anyone who has been in the committee room in Jackman Park will tell you that it’s like being called into the principal’s office. It’s more like a kangaroo courtroom, set up to humiliate and embarrass the accused, rather than provide a forum for clarity or for discussion or explanation to take place.

For a group of men – when even Augusta National has female members these days – charged with facilitating the game of amateur football in Limerick and its districts, with the exception of a few trustworthy souls who clearly love the game, it’s a place that hasn’t covered itself in glory during the 2013/14 season. So why not turn the spotlight on the ruling classes?

The decision to allow Wembley Rovers a fortnight to get their house in order at the start of the season was brave, if not a little admirable for a club close to many people’s hearts – just not close enough to play for them. The precedent this ruling set however will have a ripple effect for many seasons and when the inevitable player merry-go-round starts again in July, which clubs will point to the Wembley Rule as an excuse to delay the start of proceedings?

The debacle with the referees has trundled along all season and at the time of writing, will stretch into the summer. A power struggle? Money? Who knows the real reasons behind the cancellation of so many games but the number of clubs that have been unable to field teams and the number of players that have lost interest in the game is ridiculous and has to be addressed.

Not even Paddy Collins can control the weather though and for 10 weeks in the winter there was hardly a ball kicked. The question of a mid-winter break must be asked at the AGM and clubs need to realize the impact that inaction has on their representative teams.

So there we have it, for any current members, prospective members or ambitious secretaries with the balls to get rid of the skullduggery and change our game, how about those three points to start with because really, this can’t go on.

Can we have a committee with young, driven individuals or will we settle for the kangaroo court for another year?

You’d have my vote; see you all there in a few weeks.