Mar 16

SEACHTAIN NA GAEILGE : .De gnáth, gach seachtain bíonn an céad píosa ins na notaí seo i mBéarla ach tá sé i nGaeilge inniú mar tá Seachtain na Gaeilge ag teacht. Tosnaíonn sé ar an ceathrú lá de Márta agus leanann sé go dtí an seachtú lá déag den mí céanna. Beidh Paddy Barnes, Evanne Ní Chuilinn & Róisín Ní Thomáin mar ambasadóirí Sheachtain na Gaeilge in 2013 agus is féidir libhse ar fad a bheith páirteach chomh maith.

SEACHTAIN NA GAEILGE : .De gnáth, gach seachtain bíonn an céad píosa ins na notaí seo i mBéarla ach tá sé i nGaeilge inniú mar tá Seachtain na Gaeilge ag teacht. Tosnaíonn sé ar an ceathrú lá de Márta agus leanann sé go dtí an seachtú lá déag den mí céanna. Beidh Paddy Barnes, Evanne Ní Chuilinn & Róisín Ní Thomáin mar ambasadóirí Sheachtain na Gaeilge in 2013 agus is féidir libhse ar fad a bheith páirteach chomh maith.

Má bhíonn tú ag súil síos an baile aon lá is mian leat ní bhíonn éinne ag caint as Gaeilge. Bíonn gach éinne ó gach saghas tír iasacht ag cainnt ina theanga féin agus ní bhíonn siad chuathalach ar bit. Bíonn bród ar na daoine sin agus tá siad anseo chun Béarla a fhoglaint.

Tá beagán Gaelge beagnach ag gach duine mar dfhoghleann siad é nuair a bhí siad ar scoil. Is fíor a rá inniú go bhfuil dearmad a dheanamh acu agus níl siad líofa mar a bhí siad nuair a bhíomar ar scoil. Ach chun na fírinne a rá, tá cúpla focail acu fós agus ba ceart acu iad a úsaid go mór, mór agus Lá le Pádraig ag teacht. Is féidir iad a úsáid i rith Seachtain na Gaeilge freisin. Níl aon díobháil do éinne má deireann tú “Dia dhuit ar maidin” agus chara ag teacht síos an bóthair. B’fhéidir go mbaineach tú geit as ach b’fhéidir freisin go mbéadh sé chun iarracht Gaeilge a leabairt leat nuair a bhualann sé leat an céad uair eile nuair a bhualann tú leis.

Nuair a úsáideann tú ár dteanga féin níos mó, tagann sé cugainn a bhfad níos simplí mar cósúil le gach rud eile deineann cleachta gach rud níos simplí. Mar focail scóir i gcomhair an píosa seo, má tá Gaeilge agat déan iarracht é a úsáid agus bí brodúil as.

LIFELONG LEARNING: The Limerick Lifelong Learning festival is to commence on Monday, March18 and it will continue until Sunday, March 24. Its motto is ‘love learning’ and it includes events spanning both City and County. There are to be many events organised and available to the general public and they are all free. Irrespective of interest, culture, nationality, colour or creed there will be something there that will increase your knowledge and information. The various events will be held in a wide variety of venues and the choice is yours. Just to give a sample of some of the events you can choose from furniture restoration to computer exercises, growing your own fruit and vegetables even Alzheimer’s disease and ways to avoid it. Remember all events are free.

GARDENING: One of the learning events in the above will be held in the County Library Dooradoyle on Wednesday, March 20 commencing at 9.30am until3.0pm. It is a community gardenin education and training day. It is being conducted by the Limerick County Council and Eco-Unesco. Booking is essential at 061/496192.

LIMERICK 2030: The final talk in the series of talks organised and funded by the Limerick County Council and presented in the County Hall, Dooradoyle road will be on Tuesday, March 26. It will be delivered by Gerry Hughes who is a Senior Director in GVA’s Planning and Development and Regeneration Division. He a highly experienced person in re-development projects and has led similar exercises in such places as Liverpool, Belfast, Sheffield, Manchester, Lisburn.

His talk will be on ‘Limerick 2030’ and it will be on the strategy to guide the economic, social and physical renaissance of the city and wider county/city region.

CRAIC AGUS CISTE: A come bake and consume morning is to be held on next Wednesday, March 20 from 9.30am at O’Meara house, Ballinacurra road and the reason for this morning exercise is to seek support for Acquired Brain Injury. This is a self-financing support organisation and all donations are for Acquired Brain Injury victims and all baking will be for sale.

SENIOR’S FORUM: A Limerick Senior’s Forum has been established and it meets in the exhibition area of the Civic Offices, Merchants Quay. This body which has been recently formed aims to make its presence known on behalf of all adults over 55 years of age. It proposes to communicate with similar for a throughout the country.

It wishes to hear from other and all adults over 55 years and to learn of the problems and difficulties that they may be experiencing during the present times of austerity. Briefly, it proposes to act as ‘the voice’ of all Seniior’s.

SPRING CLEAN: An Taisce is to commence its National spring clean exercise next month and all those involved with community or housing estates who engage in the exercise of cleaning and improving their respective area will receive a cleaning and disposal pack from An Taisce. Last year in Limerick the J.P. McManus Foundation inaugurated its Gold competition was an overwhelming success and many communities and housing estates were very active over a period of weeks in improving their respective areas. One of the winners in this district to achieve a gold award was the Gouldavoher estate when the residents created new flower beds, wild flower meadow and a very productive allotment.

LITTERY DREADFUL: The recent national litter report gave some good comments about various areas in the city and county that are comparable to standards in Europe but it also mentioned places that were far from being litter free. One area that was obviously not visited by the examiners was the Mulcair road that runs from Raheen to the Huntsfield roundabout on the Dooradoyle road. This is a busy road with a permanent bus service and many commuters coming and going and using it as an alternative route of avoiding centre city traffic. All along the length of the grassy margins that border this busy road there are papers, bottles, empty cartons, cardboard beakers and many other items disposed. This creates an unsightly view for passers-by and gives a wrong impression of the area. Near to the grassy margins by the local shops it can look even dirtier depending on the day of the week. There is no ‘bruscar’ bin around the area that would accommodate disposal of unwanted small litter. With a little effort such as cutting of grass and a local clean-up the whole appearance would be much improved.

NO IFS OR BUTTS: The precincts of the Mid-Western Regional hospital is a smoke free area. Consequently, all those who wish to indulge in their habit of cigarette smoking are now obliged to go outside the stated area to smoke. When this ‘weed’ is reduced to ashes the butt remains to be disposed and in a great many instances this is done in the time practiced manner of stepping on it by foot on the ground. The majority of smokers do so in this manner notwithstanding the fact that there is a fixed receptacle mounted on the pillar nearby to quench and dispose the cigarette ends. More often than not it is thrown on the ground and stood upon. Instead this unsightly rubbish is sometimes exacerbated by empty coffee or tea beakers disposed nearby on the ground. It all creates an dirty image of the hospital front. The footpath by the boundary wall is swept each morning by a member of the hospital grounds cleansing staff.

SUPPORT: The 32nd troop of St. Paul’s scouts and the girl guides will participate in the St. Patrick’s Day parade through the city and it would be nice if residents of this district made a special effort to display their appreciation for them with hand-clapping as they pass.

Beidh an Aifreann ag a 10.00 a clog maidin Lá le Pádraigh as Gaeilge.

A.A. MEETINGS: The St. Paul’s group of Alcoholics Anonymous meets in the St. Paul’s national school on three evenings of the week at 20.30hours. They come together on each Monday, Thursday and Saturday. If you are having difficulty with your drinking habits you are cordially invited and welcome.

SUPPORT APPEAL: The Irish County Women’s Association ( Bantracht ns Tuaithe) which has been requesting support for Adapt House at Rosbrien. It is called for toiletries and towels that may have been given as gifts at Christmas time and that may be surplus to requirements to be donated and dropped in to Adapt House at Rosbrien where they will be greatly appreciated. Adapt House is a place of refuge for women and children that have been obliged to leave the family home because of violence.

The association has had a tremendous response and it promises to forward all donations to Adapt House and it expresses its appreciation to all donors..

SEE YOUR WAY: If you have spectacles (glasses) that you no longer use or that have been replaced by new glasses the International Lions club is collecting them for recycling to a developing country. It is its intention to pass them on to developing countries for use where they will be of benefit. If you wish to dispose of your old spectacles there is a box in the porch-way of the Dooradoyle library where they are collected. Your voluntary gesture of disposed spectacles will be beneficial and very welcome.

EXPOSITION: There will be exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the Blessed Sacrament chapel attached to St. Paul’s church after the 10.0am Mass on Wednesday and it will continue until 10.0pm. Every Wednesday there is to be exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and all worshippers are welcome.

CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY: There are a series of talks on in Mary Immaculate College each Tuesday evening at 5.0pm as it is the Year of Faith and the theme is Christian Spirituality. The next of these talks will be on Tuesday, March 12 commencing at 5.0pm. The talk will be delivered by well- known lecturer in the college Fr. Michael Wall and the theme of his address is ‘Faith and its expression in images.

TRAFFIC SIGNALS: The traffic signals on the ST. Nessan’s road for the Ballykeefe estate are changing with a rapid frequency to such an extent that there have been many delays in the traffic movement especially over the Christmas period. Even driving school instructors are now using the stretch of road from the traffic signal lights at the Dooradoyle estate into the city environs instructing their pupils. Many drivers would regard that stretch of road with two roundabouts, three pedestrian crossings and two sets of traffic signals as one demanding great attention. It would greatly help the flow of traffic if the signals at the Ballykeefe/St. Nessan’s road were checked for frequency.

BLOOD DONATIONS: Although many might make the cynical quip that they have given everything but blood to the State since the new austerity budget donations have been taken from their salaries or pay-packets this request for donations is much more altruistic. The next visit of the Irish Blood Transfusion Service to the South Court hotel will be on Thursday, March 28 from 5.0pm to 8.0pm. All donors, new and regular, are invited to attend to make a donation of a unit of blood.

As regular readers of these notes will vouch the Irish Blood Transfusion service calls to the South Court hotel fairly frequent seeking blood donations and one could be forgiven for thinking that it should have sufficient. However, it may also be of interest to readers to know that the ‘life’ or the ‘sell by date’ is just thirty-five days and consequently the demand is always there in order to maintain blood supplies. The Irish Blood Transfusion Service needs 3, 000 units of blood a week to maintain supplies. The Mid-Western Regional hospital required a total of 7, 000 units of blood last year. If you have never donated blood and perhaps you were thinking of doing it would be a very positive act during the Lenten period. It is now up to you to make this good resolution.

STORYTIME: There is a weekly storytime in the Dooradoyle library. It is for parent and child and it commences at 11.0 am until 11.40am. It is not suitable for children in crèche or for children’s groups. It is presented by Rose and because places are limited it is important to book your place. This may be done by in. and at Christmas there is always a demand so that stocks are available. As already stated the Irish Blood Transfusion Service will be at the South Court hotel after Christmas on .January 28, 2013 seeking forming staff at the desk or by ringing the library at 496860.

POOL OF WATer: After each heavy shower of rain and even more so after a couple of heavy showers of rain a very large pool of water gathers at the entrance/exit to the St. Nessan’s park cum Dooradoyle estate. Last year there was some drainage work undertaken at this place and whether it was a shore hole cleared or flushed out the problem disappeared. Now it is back once again and it is a problem for school-going children and their parents once again ne’er to mention at all motorists.

LOCAL OFFICE: The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland Mid-West office is located just off the St. Nessam’s road and is directly opposite the Ballykeefe housing estate. It is on the Dooradoyle side of the Crescent Shopping centre.

SET DANCING: During the winter nights it may not be your wish to remain indoors every night and a good outlet for your social inclination is to take up set dancing at the Mungret/ St. Paul’s GAA clubhouse either on Tuesday night which is for beginners. If you are an experienced exponent of this activity there are classes for more advanced set dancers on Thursday nights. Both nights commence lessons at 9.0 pm.

MARANATHA: The Maranatha Prayer Ministry invites you for the Healing Retreat through the ministry of Rev. Fr.Charles Benoit , (CFR),Noel Byrne(Carlow) enriched with Holy Rosary and Healing Mass, Eucharistic adoration, Word of God, Praise &Worship, Confession and Spirit filled music by Maranatha Gospel Choir, on Sunday 17th March, 2013 from until 7.30 pm This service is open to the general public. at St .Pauls Church, Dooradoyle. For more details contact :0871190289,0874167561.