Limerick’s Fox Jaw light up with new single Kerosene

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

Limerick band Fox Jaw -  Morgan Nolan, Kieran J. Sims, Manolis Sheehan, Shane Serrano and Ronan Mitchell, who are back with a new name, new line-up, new single and video, Kerosene, ahead of the release of their second album
POPULAR Limerick rockers Fox Jaw are back, but in a new guise for 2014.

POPULAR Limerick rockers Fox Jaw are back, but in a new guise for 2014.

The group have an all new line-up to go with new single - and accompanying video - Kerosene, which is due to land on February 28.

Formerly the Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters, the band have trimmed their moniker and added some new members in the form of Manolis Sheehan and Kieran J. Sims and return armed with new material.

The new single is an early and intriguing taster from upcoming album Ghost’s Parade, a menacing, growling three minute-odd slab of the brooding rock and roll - with a thumping guitar solo - that we have come to expect from the Fox Jaw lads.

The band recorded with producer Dave ‘Skippy’ Christophers and the album was mastered by WAV Mastering maestro Richard Dowling.

The release will be a follow-up to 2011 debut The Devil In Music, a cracker of an album, the follow-up to which comes much anticipated from this hard working band who boast talent to burn.

The accompanying video for Kerosene is online now and features local actors Kevin Kiely - known for his stints in The Dark Knight and World War Z - and our own Limerick Chronicle columnist Richard Lynch, in an almost unrecognisable, deliriously dark performance.

The concept for the video was devised by Fox Jaw’s own Shane Serrano together with the Rubberbandits’ Blind Boy Boat Club. Check it out here.