Limerick’s Aaron searching for that Special ‘Hit’

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

A little bit Special: Aaron Hackett (right) on The Hit, with rival songwriter Alan Earls
IT is a cut of pure pop perfection far above the normal fare on televised talent shows and could make young Aaron Hackett from Limerick a star.

IT is a cut of pure pop perfection far above the normal fare on televised talent shows and could make young Aaron Hackett from Limerick a star.

The 16 year old musician has seen his intelligent slice of indie-pop selected by top Irish artist Duke Special to be recorded on RTE’s The Hit.

The song 1969, written by the Dooradoyle lad, just entering fifth year in St Clement’s, has been released by the dreadlocked Freewheel star Special as a single and is available on download on iTunes this week.

And, if it zooms to the top of the charts by the end of this week, beating the Johnny Logan sung Prayin’ with the help of a public vote, Aaron could make the finals of the high profile RTE show.

Regardless, and with rumoured record company interest from the UK, the Limerick lad has a bright future.

He said it is a “dream” for Duke Special to record his track, one he is struggling to come to terms with.

“It is really weird because I have always been a massive fan of Duke Special, I have looked up to him and have been a fan of his music for ages,” Aaron said.

“It is absolutely amazing, I never thought it would happen. When I wrote the song I was just in my room, I didn’t expect it to go anywhere, and to hear him singing it is a really weird feeling, it is very surreal,” he laughed.

Aaron’s song was whittled down from hundreds entered by songwriters all over the country for The Hit, with U2 collaborator Steve Lillywhite selecting 30 tracks for the show.

It was then down to the individual artists to selected their songs, and Aaron discovered live on television last Friday that Special had booked his song.

“When we picked my song we went to Windmill Lane and had a chat about the song and I had to essentially sell it to him,” explained Aaron.

“When I told him what it is about and what it really means, I think he got a clearer picture of it and didn’t have many changes, so I knew that was a good sign.”

The young musician, who idolises Elvis, has influences as wide and varied as The Cure and the Smiths to Lana Del Rey, said the song was “about the lifestyle of a teenager in 1960s America”.

“It is written from the perspective of somebody my age living at that time, and the differences between then and now, and different ways of living,” explained the musician, who first picked up a guitar aged 10, and has in the region of 50 songs written already.

With two EPs and a host of live gigs under his belt, Aaron is already well established. The Hit could be the one that sends him into the stratosphere.

To vote for Aaron, text Song 1 to 57082 before midnight this Thursday, or download the song from iTunes.