Rubberbandits come home for show at Limerick’s Lime Tree

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

Continental Fistfight: The Rubberbandits return home for a show in the city later this year
THE Rubberbandits are coming home for a theatre show in Limerick’s Lime Tree.

THE Rubberbandits are coming home for a theatre show in Limerick’s Lime Tree.

The plastic bag wearing comedians will bring their ‘musical’ stage show Continental Fistfight to the 510 seater venue on Saturday, May 23.

The ‘Bandits will return to their native city after four straight shows on the Peacock Stage at the Abbey Theatre with the show, which has also been performed at Shakespeare’s Globe, London’s West End and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The highly successful stage show in fact sold out some 60 nights in London last year, winning rave reviews from hard to impress UK critics for the Bandits, who have worked hard to move away from the Horse Outside hysteria that blew up in 2010, preferring to focus on darker songs such as the quite unsettling, blackly comic songs Fellas and Dad’s Best Friend.

Blind Boy Boat Club said recently that Horse Outside was “fine and mainstream and fun, but wasn’t fun for us”.

“We have gone through a sustained period of deliberately losing fans by releasing increasingly weird shit,” he said. “It is getting weirder, which we are happy to do, because we want to make the stuff that we would like to see.”

The stage show was performed in Ireland for the first time at Christmas, in Dolan’s, with Blind Boy explaining that it was a “musical”, but incorporates stand-up elements.

“We’ve never done it in Ireland, because it requires the audience not to shout things at us when we are talking, which Irish people tend to do,” he said.

He added that “nothing in the world beats a Limerick gig”.

The first three shows at the Abbey sold out in 24 hours. The Bandits will also play at Galway’s Town Hall Theatre, Cork’s Everyman Palace and Kilkenny’s The Set Theatre as part of the short Irish tour.

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