Hybrids passes 15m in sales for carmaker


Toyota has crossed the symbolic milestone of 15 million hybrid vehicles sold globally since the 1997 launch of the Prius, the first full hybrid mass-produced car, writes Trish Whelan.

Toyota’s hybrid technology has reduced C02 emissions by more than 120 million tonnes worldwide.

In Europe, the company has sold over 2.8 million hybrid cars. It’s hybrid technology allows drivers to cover more than a 50pc of the journeys in and around the city in zero emissions mode, which improves air quality.

Hybrids are becoming increasingly popular in Ireland with 12.4pc of the overall new car sales market compared to 8.1pc this time last year, and hybrid represents over 86pc of Toyota’s overall new car sales year to date. Self-charing hybrid accounts for 12.4pc of the mix in Ireland.

In 2019, the hybrids sold in Ireland will have saved over 60,000 tonnes of C02 through their lifetime.

Steve Tormey, CEO, Toyota Ireland believes a hybrid mix of 25pc can be achieved in 2012 which would reduce Ireland’s C02 by 166,000 tonnes in their lifetime.

In this country, Toyota has the largest range of self-charging hybrids with nine hybrid vehicles available for customers and with more coming - the RAV4 plug-in hybrid will arrive later this year, and the recently announced Yaris Cross will arrive in the second half of 2021.