Keeping your car clear of coronavirus

Trish Whelan


Trish Whelan


Keeping your car clear of coronavirus

Skoda has issued this infographic showing the parts of your car you should disinfect regularly.

Disinfection should be done before and after you use the car, especially if you share the car with another, or you gave someone a lift.

It’s best NOT to give people a lift, so travel alone where possible. If you have to carry other people, try and wear a face-mask to help stop any spread of infection from yourself. In many countries, a face mask is included as mandatory equipment in first aid kits.

Disinfect any parts of the exterior you touch. Things like door handles, the door frame, luggage compartment handle. These principles are doubly important for taxi drivers and other drivers who transport passengers.

If you are using different types of disinfectant, don’t use hydrogen peroxide on a car’s surfaces as they will most likely be damaged.

Carry some kind of hand sanitiser when you are travelling in your car, as well as a few rubber gloves. Because when you need to refuel, a glove is useful when handling the hose, and afterwards use the hand sanitiser at the entrance when you go to pay for your fuel and on the way out. Pay by contactless means where possible. Wash your hands where possible.

The order of the day is stay at home whenever possible. But many people are dependent on the car because they provide mobile care or work in the service sector or because they need to go shopping for family, neighbours and friends who rely on others.

On the Skoda Storyboard you will find an overview of what you should pay particular attention to in the car right now and how you can protect yourself as much as possible. The most important advice contained in the Skoda Storyboard article is also included as a printable checklist.