Road safety: Over 60% of young drivers under-prepared

Trish Whelan


Trish Whelan

Road safety: Over 60% of young drivers under-prepared

Liberty’s recent survey claims over 60 percent of young drivers do not feel confident behind the wheel

IT appears that half of all drivers under 30 don’t feel confident in certain driving scenarios and that almost half of unconfident drivers have experienced anxiety while behind the wheel.

Research by Liberty Insurance shows that 61pc of drivers feel under-prepared for the road, even after passing their practical test. Only 2 in 5 drivers, or 38pc, felt very prepared to drive on the road after completing their test.

Half of all drivers under 30 do not feel confident when driving in certain places or performing particular manoeuvres, like reverse parallel parking and using major roundabouts with multiple exits. Only 2 in 5 of all drivers claim to be ‘very confident’ in these areas.

Seven in 10 drivers think that Irish roads are more hazardous than they were ten years ago. This opinion is higher among females (81pc), older drivers aged 55-64 (76pc) and residents of Connacht/Ulster (79pc).

Overall, women drivers are less confident than their male counterparts.

Deirdre Ashe of Liberty Insurance says “Our roads are busier than ever before, with more distractions for drivers, like smartphones.

"Adding to the danger is the huge number of uninsured private vehicles on Irish roads, estimated by the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland to be over 151,000.”