Limerick mayor to refer fake Tweets to gardai

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

THE Mayor of Limerick Cllr Jim Long is to refer a fake Twitter account to gardai for investigation in a bid to get it removed.

THE Mayor of Limerick Cllr Jim Long is to refer a fake Twitter account to gardai for investigation in a bid to get it removed.

The Twitter account – called @MayorJimbo – is apparently a parody of Limerick’s first citizen, containing references to his and deputy mayor Cllr Kevin Kiely’s upcoming trade mission to China.

Cllr Kiely also moved to slam the “sick” people who have set up the accounts on the social media website - and said they should “refer themselves to a psychiatrist”. He said he will also refer the same information for investigation after the account contained thinly veiled references to him.

It is the nature of the comments which has also prompted the mayor to indicate he may launch a private case once the culprit is caught.

One tweet reads: “Shud I sheav off da tash? Kiley sez it is a mark of rirsresprct [sic] bad manners to da Ceinee lads. I tink he is taken da piss.”

Another reads: “Off to Chineeland telling the forginers what ta do.”

A further tweet states: “Me chins is wobbling off da scale today [sic]”.

Speaking to the Limerick Chronicle, Mayor Long said: “When I discover this person, I would like to think all their assets are in their own name, because I will take what they have.”

He confirmed the communications had been referred to the gardai, adding: “The disappointing thing for me is that they don’t come up and say these things to my face. But they wouldn’t because they know what they would get.”

The Twitter account is linked to the web site which, for the last six months, has carried satirical articles referring to the first citizen.

Cllr Kiely says he believes the Twitter account was set up to mock his and Mayor Long’s trip east.

But he said: “Obviously, some people are sore because we got in there first. I won’t pass any apology to anybody on going on my trip to China with the mayor. I was invited when I met the Chinese Ambassador, and I am going over with the intention of meeting people, promoting Limerick and bringing jobs back.”

The northside independent member added: “It is insulting to slag the Mayor of our great and ancient city, and myself. These people are sick. They should refer themselves to a psychiatrist.”

He added: “It’s an insult to the Mayor of Limerick’s office. At least I would put my name to all correspondence.”

It is not the first time Mayor Long has been targeted.

Last summer, he was forced to refer a number of malicious emails to both Roxboro Gardai, and computer giant Google.

This came after he received a number of “defamatory” and “anti-Semitic” emails to his email inbox.