Limerick Animal Welfare start a microchipping campaign

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

Limerick Animal Welfare have started a tagging campaign
LIMERICK Animal Welfare have reported a huge increase in stray dogs since last week’s heavy thunder across the county.

LIMERICK Animal Welfare have reported a huge increase in stray dogs since last week’s heavy thunder across the county.

Manager of the sanctuary in Kilfinane, Marie Quirke, says they are also being contacted continually about people in vans picking up stray dogs.

“Some of these dogs are being used for bait for illegal dog fights. Others are whisked off to puppy farms to spend their days in filthy crates to supply the puppy trade. Many more are moved to different counties and sold,” said Ms Quirke.

Last week’s claps of thunder across the county and city led to many dogs running scared from gardens and houses.

“Since the thunderstorm we have been inundated with telephone calls and our Facebook page is continually being used to try and find dogs who have either been lost or found.

“People continue to arrive to the sanctuary with dogs in their cars, found in their locality, which they wish to drop off to us. Sadly we cannot cope with the countless numbers of dogs who are allowed to roam the streets and roads of Limerick city and county,” said Ms Quirke.

The animal lover says there seems to be a lack of responsibility for all these dogs.

“We are calling for a huge campaign to get the population of stray dogs under control and to educate owners to the dangers of having their pets wandering unsupervised in the city and county. Limerick Animal Welfare is just one registered charity who are working around the clock to try to reunite people and pets. We need the public to work with us to ensure the safety of their pets,” said Ms Quirke, who adds that there are simple ways people can help.

It could help save a lot of angst and worry if your beloved pet goes missing and help gets it back.

“Buy an identity tag at your local pet shop with your telephone number engraved on it. Microchip your pet, this is the best protection for any animals, but please remember to register the chip in your own name, if possible get your vet to do this at time of micro chipping.

“Keep your pet in a fully enclosed back garden where they are safe to play but are protected from the dangers of road traffic and dog nappers,” said Ms Quirke.

Limerick County Council’s website states that, under Stray Animals Control, every dog owner is responsible for ensuring that their dog is licensed;identifiable – wears a collar with name and address of owner attached, and is under control at all times.