Addict caught with drugs at Limerick courthouse was storing heroin at home

David Hurley


David Hurley


Addict caught with drugs at Limerick courthouse was storing heroin at home

Robert Allen admitted trying to pass drugs to another man in the custody area of Limerick District Court

ILLICIT drugs worth almost €6,000 were seized at the home of a young man the day after he was caught passing drugs to a prisoner in the custody area of Limerick courthouse.  

Robert Allen, aged 22, of Glenbrook, Singland has pleaded guilty to several charges relating to offences which happened in July 2014.

During a sentencing hearing at Limerick Circuit Court, Detective Garda Declan O’Halloran said he was in the body of Limerick District Court on July 3, 2014 when he observed the defendant behind the glass security screen passing something to another prisoner.

Prisoner officers intervened and a package containing cannabis worth €17.42 was seized.

Judge Tom O’Donnell was told the defendant, who was released after a bench warrant was “sorted out” was stopped and searched at Glentworth Street the following day.

Eleven deals of heroin, worth €168.65, were found on his person while a large quantity of the drug was found during a follow up search of his home.

Detective Garda O’Halloran said 960 Xanax tablets worth €1,920, were also found along with a small quantity of cannabis.

The witness agreed with John O’Sullivan BL who said text messages which implicated Allen in the sale and supply of drugs were found on his phone.

Brian McInerney BL said his client was “very vulnerable and naive” and that he engages in “polysubstance abuse”.

In relation to the incident at Limerick District Court, he said Allen had not gone to court on the day with the intention of passing the drugs but had done so “out of the goodness of his heart” after he met a childhood friend.

“It was an offence of astonishing stupidity,” he said adding that he had been told to mind the drugs found at his home by a “sinister individual” as he was “up to his eyes in debt”.

Mr McInerney submitted the offences were at the lower end of the scale and that his clients admissions were very significant.

Judge Tom O’Donnell adjourned the matter to October 26, next to facilitate the preparation of a Probation Report.