Anger over condition of road on Limerick’s northside

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Archie Brown, Cllr Maurice Quinlivan,Anne Brown, Paddy kiely, Anne Marie Stacke, Pauline Fitzgerald, and Tom Daly with Louis and Ross O'Flannagan in front, standing in front of a poor section of road in Ballananty
RESIDENTS in a northside estate are angry at the condition their roads have been left in for Christmas.

RESIDENTS in a northside estate are angry at the condition their roads have been left in for Christmas.

Contractors for Irish Water have spent the last six months in Ballynanty replacing lead pipes after traces of the substance was found in the water supply.

But residents have said they were promised the work would be finished by Christmas - and are upset at the fact potholes are still in evidence across the estate, while the roads are uneven.

“If this was a private housing estate, it would not happen. It would be sorted quicker. It feels like they don’t care. I know they have a job to do, but they have a responsibility as well as doing the repair jobs to keep the place safe and clean. As you can see, this is not the case,” Anne-Marie Stacke, Ballynanty Road said.

Pauline Hayes, who also lives on the same road said her next door neighbour has been forced to lay timber on the ground so she and others do not walk in muddy water and ruin their clothes.

Local Sinn Fein councillor Maurice Quinlivan says many holes have been left open for days, and weeks in some cases across the estate.

“It is dangerous: there are children and older people in some of the houses,” he pointed out, “We all understand the work needs to be done, but look at the state of the place. They would not have left it in this condition in other parts of the city, I am convinced of that.”

And Irene Aherne, 93, one of the first residents in Ballynanty described the situation as a “disgrace”.

“How can you keep your house clean [when you have to walk in this mud] Every time you go out, you are bringing mud back into the house,” she said, “They have started something and they’ve gone away.”

Ballynanty, neighbouring Kileely and St Mary’s Park have had workmen in as Irish Water bid to replace lead piping this year.

Irish Water were not available for comment as the Limerick Leader went to press this Monday night.