Battle for funds for County Limerick village continues

Norma Prendivlle


Norma Prendivlle

WAITING for developers to provide services and facilities in Mungret is no longer an option, Cllr James Collins has said.

WAITING for developers to provide services and facilities in Mungret is no longer an option, Cllr James Collins has said.

“If we are going to wait for the developers to do things, it is not going to happen,” he said. “The time for developer-led provision is past. We need to do it in a different way.”

Cllr Collins was commenting on a discussion about a village plan for Mungret at a meeting of the Adare area councillors. At previous meetings, councillors had pressed for a detailed plan to be drawn up and had argued for certain works such as footpaths, pedestrian crossings and bus-shelters to be carried out while the work of installing the new sewerage scheme was taking place.

Earlier this year, a delegation from Mungret Community Alert had argued that their community had lost out over the past 20 years and had seen little or no development of civic amenities there.

But councillors were told that nothing had happened in the interim. “There isn’t funding available to carry out any major development within the village,” area engineer Finbar. said. And no details of what, if any, development levy monies might be allocated to the area were available, the meeting was told.

But director of water services Paul Crowe said the council would be happy to engage with the community on the issue of traffic flow within the village. “If we agreed on what the way forward should be, there could be an incremental delivery on it,” he said.

On the issue of footpaths, he said it might be possible to have them included in any plans to develop the education complex of a new national and a new secondary school in the area.

Speaking afterwards to the Limerick Leader, Cllr Collins said that a delegation from Mungret had made it clear that they felt Mungret had been forgotten down through the years.

“With the Mungret sewerage scheme, there is some development and now would be a good time to start looking at the Mungret area and to start spending some money to improve the public realm and provide pedestrian crossings, cycle lanes and footpaths. Under the local area plan for the Southern Environs which included Mungret and which was published last year, lands had been zoned for new schools and a neighbourhood park, Cllr Collins explained.

“We need to follow that up,” he said.

And he called for a more detailed plan to be drawn up for the village itself. “ Let’s have the plan ready if we do get funds,” he said. The committee will return to the issue in September.