Limerick a ‘complete deathtrap if hit by zombie apocalypse’

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

Ready to fire back: Zombie expert Tadhg O'Flaherty shows off his (fake) AK-47 rifle. Picture: Adrian Butler
IF YOU live in the county, you could be lucky enough to survive a zombie apocalypse if it hit Limerick in the morning. The city, however, would be a “complete deathtrap”.

IF YOU live in the county, you could be lucky enough to survive a zombie apocalypse if it hit Limerick in the morning. The city, however, would be a “complete deathtrap”.

That is according to zombie expert and former University of Limerick lecturer Tadhg O’Flaherty, who has published his book, Surviving a Realistic Zombie Apocalypse, this week.

The 38-year-old author, who gives detailed advice on how to fend off and destroy flesh-eating fiends, has informed the Limerick Leader of the dos-and-don’ts if we are ever attacked by a zombifying virus.

The book looks at case studies of real-life zombies from around the world, based on conspiracy theories. The main theory is that zombies are not the undead, but they are humans who have been infected by genetically-modified viruses, made by elite organisations.

But if that is the case, why hasn’t Limerick been infected with a zombie epidemic? The author said:

“I would imagine because Limerick would not be a proper testing ground for the virus. And I would imagine if it was to realistically happen in Limerick, some viral agent will be released into the upper atmosphere and it would be coded, possibly, to specific genetic traits. It means that it would affect certain people with DNA traits.”

So, let’s say the zombie apocalypse has happened – what next?

“Limerick city and any built-up urban areas are absolutely complete and total deathtraps. Get out within the first three days,” he starts, adding that the most convenient place would be around the Jetland Shopping Centre, on the Ennis Road.

“There are a lot of fields around there. You can just disappear into the fields. You can go to Woodcock Hill and camp out up there and make trips back to the shopping centre in the hope that you might find food. But still, that is a very dangerous thing to do.”

But not all county civilians are safe in this end-of-the-world nightmare. The zombie buff has said that areas such as Clarina, Mungret, Castleconnell, Castletroy, Bunratty Castle and Cratloe would be “danger zones” because these areas would attract “too many people”.

Because Clarina and Mungret are the first pair of communities on the N69, there would be a “large crowd” trying to escape via this route.

One of the biggest targets outside the city will be UL, where Mr O’Flaherty was a lecturer in mobile application development.

“If this apocalypse were to happen on the first day of semester one at UL, you would have thousands of people vulnerable to infection, not to mention those who work in the nearby industrial estates and those who live in the Castletroy area.”

Not even the city’s bunker can save us, which was built in 1985 by Limerick City Council in the event of a nuclear war.

“Someone could come down with the virus in three days, or five days, and in that confined space, there is going to be so much chaos, you will be trampled to death, let alone killed by a zombie.”

Tadhg said the only way to put them in their coffin is by “taking out a vital organ.

“If you get him in the heart, he’s dead! Get him in the head, he’s gone!”

And despite our expert holding a (fake) AK-47, a gun may not always be the best option.

“You could fire the bullets straight into him and still be killed,” he said, adding that if you are stuck in the city, it is best to equip yourself with a compound crossbow.

Tadhg, who lives on South Circular Road, said that he wrote the book “for fun and intrigue”, and that he has “always been fascinated by zombies.

“Everyone loves zombies. Everybody in the planet loves zombies. I would be hard-pressed to find one person who isn’t fascinated by zombies.”

If you are uncertain of your chances in Limerick’s zombie apocalypse, you can purchase the 113-page book online, via