'Big need for traffic study in city'

'Big need for traffic study in city'

THERE have been calls for a study of road movements in and out of the city.

Speaking at this week’s transport committee meeting, Cllr Daniel Butler said a strategy needs to be put in place.

”There has been a notable increase in traffic on the roads in the last year. If we are going to see continued growth in Limerick, we are likely to see more traffic, so we need to formulate a policy around this,” he said.

Council official Donal Brennan said: “That is an excellent point. We should be looking at policies for ten years down the line to 30 years down the line. If we want to double the economic activity in Limerick, we need to look at how it is done.”

Michael Tiernan, of Tiernan Properties supported Cllr Butler’s call, saying: “If we are serious about implementing the Limerick 2030 plan, we need to talk about access in and out of the city.”

He pointed out a big problem with traffic exists at the roundabout beside the Maldron Hotel.

”There is a great opportunity to position Limerick strongly here without it costing lots of money. It could really put Limerick on the map,” he said.

He asked if a strategy could be prepared for the next transportation committee meeting to ensure they if money comes down the line, projects in this could be at a “shovel ready” stage.

Meanwhile, Anti-Austerity Alliance (AAA) councillor Paul Keller feels small company owners may be losing out on lucrative council contracts due to clerical errors.

He asked if the council could take a sympathetic approach to traders who may leave certain documents out of tender bids, such as contacting them to advise them of the omission.

This, he argued, would ensure they remain in the running for council projects.

”Occasionally, like the last time I was there, somebody forgot to put in pricing documents which eliminates them from the consideration. 

“With all the work that goes in, putting the application together, it does seem a bit unfair to lose out due to an honest mistake,” he said.

The council said it would look at this.