TJ Ryan, Madeline Mulqueen set for Adare event

Anne Sheridan


Anne Sheridan

The Adare to Survive event takes place on September 28
LIMERICK hurling manager TJ Ryan and TV3 presenter Deric Ó h’Artagáin have signed up to take part in the second annual Adare to Survive challenge later this month.

LIMERICK hurling manager TJ Ryan and TV3 presenter Deric Ó h’Artagáin have signed up to take part in the second annual Adare to Survive challenge later this month.

Up to 1,500 people are expected to take part in the military style assault course which will feature over 30 man-made and naturally occurring obstacles over the 7.5km course on Sunday, September 28, in the Clonshire Equestrian Centre, Adare.

Some 600 people took part last year for the inaugural event, and it is hoped more than double that will enter this year, for Limerick’s sole military style adventure course.

Organiser Ray Nash said they are delighted to sign up two well-known sports enthusiasts, after TV presenters Leanne Moore and Aidan Power of RTÉ took part last year, along with Gerard Burke of UK Biggest Loser fame.

“Registrations are coming in strong, and we hope to hit our target of 1,500 people. It’s a very different course this year, there will be some more daring and daunting obstacles, so for anyone that feels that have done it already, they haven’t - the 2014 course will be completely different and a whole new challenge,” said Ray.

“There’s a great festival atmosphere on the day in the grounds, and great camaraderie with people helping each other out,” he told the Limerick Leader.

Speaking of last year’s success, he said: “We wanted this to be an experience that participants would remember forever. It’s not every day you find yourself getting into a skip of iced water before crawling on a mud bank under a bed of electric wires.”

Participants will have to crawl under barbed wire, wade through pits of mud, climb bales of hay stacked 20ft high, navigate courses wired with electric shocks, amongst a series of other challenges.

Model Madeline Mulqueen is among those who has lent her support to the charity, and after recently returning from a worldwide trip with fiance Jack Raynor to promote the movie Transformers 4, she hopes to be able to take part on the day.

Fitness fanatic and TV3 weather presenter Deric Ó h’Artagáin, a native of Limerick, is also encouraging people to sign up for this “dare-devil challenge” for a good cause.

Limerick charity, Cliona’s Foundation, which provides financial assistance to the families of critically ill children, is the official charity partner for the second year running.

“We are delighted to be the chosen charity partner again this year for Adare to Survive,” said Brendan Ring of Cliona’s Foundation.

“As a participant last year I found it most gratifying and exciting. It’s always rewarding to be able to raise funds for sick children across Ireland but also taking part in an outdoor activity. I found the course both challenging and exhilarating and I had a great sense of achievement having completed it,” he enthused.

Brendan said the “sense of community was so heart-warming” at the event, especially as he was cheered on to complete the course in spite of an ankle injury at one of the final obstacles.

Volunteers are required on the day, who will later that day have the chance to compete in the course for free, and corporate sponsorship is also sought.

Earlier this year a hair-raising obstacle designed by a west Limerickman won a competition to be built and featured in the assault course.

Darragh Moloney of the Limerick company, Environmol, won the obstacle competition, which was a collaboration between the organisers and eml architects.

Having taken part in Adare to Survive last year, the Knockaderry man said he drew inspiration from his personal experience of the adventure challenge and combined it with his knowledge as an environmental engineer to come up with the design he has called the “Scarecrow.”

Athletes will have to negotiate a muddy pool full of barrels, before stepping onto a small ledge to scale a climbing wall that has built in sprayers that will drench them.

On climbing the wall they will encounter a bed of chopped straw when they jump down on the other side to ensure that they leave the obstacle looking like a scarecrow.

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