Limerick mum finds son’s attacker on Facebook

Two men have been charged with falsely imprisoning a Limerick teenager
THE mother of a man who was seriously injured after he was repeatedly kicked in the head has revealed how she identified his attacker after seeing his photograph on Facebook.

THE mother of a man who was seriously injured after he was repeatedly kicked in the head has revealed how she identified his attacker after seeing his photograph on Facebook.

Margaret O’Mahony, who was with her son Vincent (34) when he was assaulted outside the Janesboro FC clubhouse 18 months ago says she still relives what happened to her son every night.

Following a lengthy hearing at Limerick District Court, Thomas Clark, aged 28, of Colbert Avenue, Janesboro was convicted of assaulting Vincent O’Mahony, causing him harm on April 1, 2013.

He is due to be sentenced in February following the preparation of a Probation Report for the court.

During the hearing, which lasted for more than three hours, evidence was heard that Mr O’Mahony sustained two broken jaws, a fractured skull and a depressed eye-socket. He has lost all feeling on one side of his face and his hearing has also been affected.

In his evidence he said he had been socialising with members of his family on Easter Sunday night and that a row had broke out in the bar area of the club over a game of pool.

He told Inspector Paul Reidy he had put his name down for a game and that when it was rubbed out he started roaring and shouting and giving out.

He agreed that he “a few drinks taken” and said it was “not my proudest moment.”

The court was told Mr O’Mahony’s father, Vincent Snr, then became involved and pushed his son to the floor.

After he left the pub, his son was “ejected” by members of staff. CCTV footage shows him being brought outside at 12.31am - less than ten minutes before he was assaulted.

Mr O’Mahony Jnr told the court he has no recollection of what happened after he was brought outside and that all he can remember was waking up in Hospital.

Being cross-examined by solicitor John Herbert, the injured party agreed he had been drinking at another pub in the city for a number of hours before going to the clubhouse.

Mr O’Mahony’s mother, Margaret, said after she learned that her son had been ejected she went outside and was walking home with him when they encountered the defendant, whom she did not know at the time.

She said her son “pushed off” Mr Clarke and that following a verbal altercation he started kicking him in the head and face after knocking him to the ground.

She described how son’s body was “jerking” as he lay prone on the ground unable to defend himself.

“I was roaring and begging him to leave him alone,” she told the court.

Being cross-examined by solicitor John Herbert, Mrs O’Mahony agreed her son was very drunk. However, she

rejected suggestions he had been the aggressor and “was looking for a fight”.

The witness said after her son was taken to the then Mid Western Regional Hospital in a taxi she attempted to locate the culprit but was unable to get back into the clubhouse as it was locked.

However, she said the day afterwards she looked at photographs on Facebook and “picked him out”.

In her evidence, Geraldine Madden said she was outside smoking when she heard her sister screaming.

She said as she approached she saw Thomas Clarke kicking something on the ground before she realised it was her nephew (on the ground).

She said Vincent was getting a “fierce battering” and that she could hear him gurgling as he lay unconscious.

Being cross examined, she rejected suggestions she was mistaken saying “I know what I saw, he kicked him severely on the ground with aggression”.

In his evidence, Mr Clarke admitted there had been an

altercation but denied kicking Mr O’Mahony.

He said he had exchanged punches with him and returned to the clubhouse after knocking Mr O’Mahony to the ground.

Convicting Mr Clarke, Judge Mary Larkin said she accepted the evidence of Ms Madden. She requested that a Victim Impact Report be prepared ahead of a sentencing hearing on February 24, next.