Huge response to Alan’s Sports Extravaganza in Limerick

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

Young members of Oola GAA Club present a specially designed training top in honour of Alan to Louise Galvin
THE incredible response to Alan’s Sports Extravaganza this Saturday is a measure of the the late Alan Feeley’s popularity.

THE incredible response to Alan’s Sports Extravaganza this Saturday is a measure of the the late Alan Feeley’s popularity.

The sports extravaganza takes place this Saturday, August 2 in the North Campus in UL. Mícheal Ó Muircheartaigh and the Feeley family host the ball in the South Court Hotel that night.

Alan, who taught in Scoil na Trionoide Naofa in Doon, died suddenly after suffering a brain haemorrhage last November aged just 28.

His girlfriend Louise Galvin said the massive reaction to the extravaganza is a reflection of a great man.

“The ball sold out by July 1 and we have been inundated with people looking for more tickets. There has been a great response. I know myself and Liam [Alan’s brother] have done a lot of the articles but there is a committee of 11 and they have put so much hard work into it,” said Louise.

Apart from the tag rugby or the ball there is lots more happening on Saturday.

“We would encourage people to come out on Saturday - all ages, all demographics. Whether you are a couch potato or a finely tuned athlete there will be something there for everyone. It is basically to get as many people up and moving as possible,” said Louise.

They include motion and group fitness classes for children and adults; kettlebells; weight lifting; tug of war; rock climbing; bungee trampoline; body fat testing; nutritionists to names but a few. Irish Kidney Association will also be in UL’s North Campus as the day aims to raise awareness of organ donation and physical activity.

Oola GAA club have also come on board with a touching idea to support the extravaganza and honour Alan’s memory.

They ordered new training tops and decided to put the symbol of the event on it. It is a tattoo Alan designed himself and had on his left shoulder blade. It represents many of the characteristics that defined Alan - it is two people jumping for a ball symbolising Alan’s love of sport and competitiveness.

John O’Grady, of Oola GAA club, said Alan would have coached a lot of their players when he was teaching in Doon.

“It is to show a bit of gratitude for what he did in terms of coaching the girls and to help promote the event. When people see the logo they are going to be struck by it,” said John. The top also incorporates the motto “live life, give life”.

The tag rugby competition begins at 10am on Saturday with the stalls in place from 11am.