Limerick’s sports stars, musicians and politicians reveal their plans for 2014

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As we usher in another new year, the Leader’s Aine Fitzgerald asks some well known Limerick people about their hopes and ambitions for the next 12 months, in what’s certain to be a big year locally!

As we usher in another new year, the Leader’s Aine Fitzgerald asks some well known Limerick people about their hopes and ambitions for the next 12 months, in what’s certain to be a big year locally!

Conn Murray

City and county manager

To have a successful merger in place by June – that is clearly the priority.

Hopefully, I will be running in the Great Limerick Run. I tried it last year and this year I will take it seriously! This year I will try either the half-marathon or the marathon depending on how the body is. To manage the stress of the day I run on the roads!

Niall Moran

Former Limerick hurler

My reason for quitting the hurling was to devote more time to getting set up on a dairy farm at home. While over the last 10 to 12 years I would always have had goals in terms of hurling, my goals now will also be in farming. I won’t be farming full-time, I’m teaching as well. We are running a dairy farm here at home. That is going to take a lot of time. I have a lot of learning to do in that. From a sports perspective, I will continue to train everyday and I’m really looking forward to the club championship with Ahane.

John Sheahan

Cathaoirleach of the County Council

My main resolution is to get a seat in the new council.I would like for the City of Culture to be an outstanding success and that the county and city would unite behind it and make it that. My intention is to get fitter because in our job you don’t get time to do exercise, so I want to manage myself to get a bit of healty exercise in. I gave up the fags about 10 years ago so I’m okay that way!

Michael Noonan

Minister for Finance

I am hoping the economy continues to recover and that it will be a better year for ordinary people. I hope that Limerick City of Culture is a great success and that it succeeds in rebranding Limerick as a very attractive place to live and to do business. I hope that the new industries that are in the pipeline come through to Limerick at an early stage, particularly Regeneron in Raheen. I am going to visit them in New York in the last week in January. I want to talk to the principals of the company. On a personal level, I hope to try and keep up the bit of walking - every day I do a bit.

Donal Ryan

Award-winning author

I would like to finish my third novel and I would also like to get fit enough to run a marathon. I’ve never ran a marathon before – my normal running distance would be 12 to 15km so if I could get a bit more time to train, I’d say I could do it. I wouldn’t mind doing the half-marathon in Limerick actually.

Shane Dowling

Limerick and Na Piarsaigh hurler

I would hope that Limerick would go one step further and win the All-Ireland. We are in the All-Ireland semi-final with the club [Na Piarsaigh] in February and St Patrick’s Day is only one step away from that so it would be great to get there but we will see what happens the next day. I’m also going to make a stab at eating veg. I eat one or two but not the most important ones so I’m going to start eating my greens.

Cllr Kathleen Leddin

Mayor of Limerick

I want to promote the city as best I can in terms of the City of Culture and in terms of working with the amalgamation of the city and county.

On a personal level, I aim to take a short walk - maybe a kilometre every day, and to give up chocolate.

You get lovely chocolate down at the market, Limerick chocolate. It is very, very tempting and I don’t have much willpower!

Celia Holman Lee

Fashion icon

We are very excited about building on the Limerick International Fashion Student Awards, particularly as Limerick is the City of Culture. We are hoping to turn it into a four-day event at the end of October.

On a personal level, I really wish for the business to keep going as it is. We are over 40 years in this industry and it has been very good to me, so long may that continue.

Otherwise, I need to get out and get toned and fit. I kick off in fantastic form every year and I preach to everyone that they should be doing it but I’m a devil for falling by the wayside. But this year, I am determined to get out there and walk and do a few weights.

Leanne Moore

Singer, entertainer and writer

I think by the end of 2014 I would love to have something of my own. I am constantly working for other people and for different shows so I would love something that I could call my own. I think that’s something I will start to work on - something along the lines of business, to make something more solid for the future. So I’m putting my sensible hat on in 2014!

Otherwise, all I ever really say is to be healthy and happy. Obviously, I will keep up the whole gym routine. My boy- friend David is a personal trainer so I’m sure he will help me!

Mike Sherry

Munster hooker

Rugby-wise the aim is to get back playing as soon as possible after the operation [knee surgery] - towards the end of the season but more than likely pre-season 2014.

From a personal point of view, I want to finish my college degree. I have two exams left - they have been hanging over me for about three years. I deferred them due to the rugby. I’m studying business in UL. I am also going to try and make the most of the weekends when I don’t have matches - try and get away every now and again and do things I wouldn’t normally be able to do.