Limerick twins did not die from drugs overdose, claim friends

THE TWIN brothers who died together in their apartment in Steamboat Quay did not die from a drugs overdose, their best friends have claimed.

THE TWIN brothers who died together in their apartment in Steamboat Quay did not die from a drugs overdose, their best friends have claimed.

The results of post-mortem examinations will take a number of weeks to establish the cause of deaths of Peter and Kevin Moran, aged 29, from the Old Cork Road, after they passed away on Wednesday last.

Detective Inspector Tom O’Connor, Roxboro Road garda station, said the results were “inconclusive, subject to toxicology analysis” and said to comment on any theories behind the cause of the deaths would be “pure speculation”.

However, one man who discovered the bodies of his best friends said there was no needles or syringes strewn across their flat, contrary to some newspaper reports in the aftermath of their deaths.

The friends contacted the Limerick Leader to refute claims in other media outlets that the cause of death was related to heroin.

“They were lying down next to each other as if they had fallen asleep. I was looking around to see what happened, but there was no syringes. It’s total lies. We were looking around to see what might have happened to them while we were waiting for the gardai to come. They never injected heroin in their lives,” said David Coughlan, from the Roxboro Road.

There were emotional scenes as friends and family gathered for the removal of both men in Cross’s funeral home last night, before leaving for St John’s Cathedral.

Hundreds of people attended their funeral mass today, and they were laid to rest in Mount Saint Oliver cemetery.

Mr Coughlan, who had known the brothers for more than 10 years, said he had been trying to contact them since Thursday - six days before their bodies were discovered on Wednesday last.

It’s understood gardai are now examining CCTV to trace their final movements and establish the time of their deaths.

He said it was unusual that they had not been answering their phonecalls or text messages, as they normally kept in touch with him every day.

“I talked to them every day of the week and I knew when I didn’t get a reply that something was wrong. I called down to their house on Sunday and was banging the door and got no answer.”

He then contacted their mother Margaret Moran as he grew more concerned for their welfare, and together they opened the flat after getting a key from the landlord.

“It was an absolute shock. They both looked so peaceful. It was just bizarre. They were lying on the ground next to the CD player,” he said.

“They were like brothers to me. They were always good fun, always smiling, never depressed. They were just salt of the earth guys.”

Another close friend John Healy, from Kileely, did a computer course in Limerick with the two men in recent years.

“They were intelligent guys. They weren’t stupid enough to do that [use heroin]. They didn’t touch drugs - that’s what killing us about seeing this in the newspaper. They just enjoyed a drink and a smoke at the weekend.”

A report in one tabloid newspaper last week referred to their deaths under the headline “Junkie twins”, which they said caused grave offence to the family of the young men who died.

The friends said both brothers had always been employed until recent months, and previously worked in Dell, Banta, and Fine Wines. They had been living in the Harvey House complex in Steamboat Quay since November 2010.

The brothers, who are from a family of six, were said to be extremely close. “You wouldn’t get one without the other. They were joined at the hip. They wouldn’t go outside the door without each other.”They were originally from Georgian Villa, Old Cork Road, and spent some time working in Cork.

Fianna Fail deputy Willie O’Dea described the deaths as an “absolute appalling tragedy”. The State Pathologist, Professor Marie Cassidy, carried out post-mortem examinations on the brothers’ remains in the Mid-West Regional Hospital last week. They are survived by parents Greg and Margaret, brothers Greg and John, and sisters Eva and Christina.