Shopping scheme proving popular in Limerick stores

Owen Hickey


Owen Hickey

CITY retailers turned out in force at Bedford Row on Monday to promote the Buy Up The City initiative, which began last week.

CITY retailers turned out in force at Bedford Row on Monday to promote the Buy Up The City initiative, which began last week.

Dozens of stores in the city are taking part in the promotion, which is supported by the Limerick Leader and Limerick Chronicle.

With a weekly prize of €1,000 in shopping vouchers, local retailers hope this will stimulate business in the city.

And with €10,000 worth of vouchers to be won, the scheme is already proving popular.

Steve Gleeson, of Glesson Sport Scene on William Street, said the coupons already were in high demand.

“We had a man in last weekend and he left his coupon after him. When he got home, his wife then sent him back in to the shop to get the coupon,” he said.

Michael Gleeson, of Michael Gleeson shoes on William Street said it’s up to the retailers to encourage people to shop.

“Anything that’s good for generating business in the city centre, we’d all be supporting.

“It’s a battle for us all really and it’s up to us as retailers to go out and offer good value and good service.

“We were involved last year and it did generate some business. We’re hoping this year that it will generate more, now that people are a bit more used to it,” he said.

Joan Meaney, of Carraig Donn, thinks the initiative will be a success.

“My customers are delighted with it and I think it’s a great idea to sell the city and to try and get people to shop here.

“Anything that can promote business in the city centre has to be backed by shop owners,” she said.

Foot Solutions, on O’ Connell Street, jumped at the chance to get involved in the scheme after seeing its success last year. Ellen O’ Shaughnessy explained why.

“We want to give something back to the customers. We have our loyal customers who we hope will benefit from this.

“We have built up a loyal customer base but we offer a fantastic service so we hope that will keep people with us.”

Recent addition to the city, O’ Reilly Hair and Beauty supplies, who supply hair and beauty salons with equipment had no hesitation in committing to the scheme.

“It’s a great idea and something we’re delighted to be involved in,” said Neil O’ Reilly

For every purchase over €5 made from participating stores, shoppers will be presented with a coupon.

To enter the draw, three coupons with receipts from three different participating stores must be submitted at the Limerick Leader offices on O’Connell Street.

Entry Forms and details of the weekly winners will be published in all editions of the Limerick Chronicle and Limerick Leader newspapers until the end of August.

Full details of participating stores can be found in Limerick Leader print editions.