Children aged just eight attack goat in Limerick city

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

A GANG of youths as young as eight tortured a goat for hours by hitting it with golf clubs and planks of wood.

A GANG of youths as young as eight tortured a goat for hours by hitting it with golf clubs and planks of wood.

Limerick Animal Welfare received a phone call from a woman in the vicinity of Garryglass Avenue, off Hyde Avenue, late on Sunday night.

Anne Kelly, of Limerick Animal Welfare, said the lady was in “a terrible state” as she watched up to 10 boys beating the animal to within an inch of its life.

“They used golf clubs and planks of wood to beat her. They tied the goat’s back legs together and were pulling her along the ground by the horns. They were definitely at her for a couple of hours,” said Mrs Kelly.

She collected fellow Limerick Animal Welfare volunteer Marion Fitzgibbon and arrived at the scene around 11.30pm.

“A squad car from Roxboro garda station came over with us and the Gardai gave us a hand lifting her in to the van. The poor thing was covered in a lather of sweat and hyper- ventilating. Her eyes were rolling around in her head in total fear,” said Mrs Kelly.

This Wednesday they were not sure if the goat named Brenna, meaning little black raven, will survive.

“She‘s able to stand but she barely has the energy to do it as she’s bruised all over her body. It’s like she’s in a trance. I injected her with antibiotics on Monday. Every part of her body that I touched you could see in her eyes she was in pain,” said Mrs Kelly, who also suspects Brenna could be in kid.

“We have given her supportive care, antibiotics, strong pain killers and re-hydration fluids. She is suffering from shock so we need to try to keep her warm. Brenna is very dehydrated and extremely thin. Hopefully she will come around but she has been through so much,” she adds.

Mrs Kelly asks if there are children as young as eight who think it is fun to torture a goat, what are they going to turn out to be like in the future?

“It’s very scary. We’ve had a really bad run of late with the two ponies found in Moyross and Shannon Fields in Corbally dying. They are gone so low they can’t come back,” she said.

The pony in Moyross, called Pudsy by Limerick Animal Welfare, was hit by a car, beaten with planks of wood and kicked.

Pudsy had to be put down due to the severity of its injuries.

Another pony found in Shannon Fields tethered to a tree with a rope. It had a cut deep into the back of one of his legs and was almost bald from a skin disease. It also had to be put down at their sanctuary in Kilfinane.