Exams start for nearly 5,500 students in Limerick

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

Exam time: students in schools around Limerick start their Leaving and Junior Cert exams this Wednesday
STUDENTS sitting State examinations across Limerick are cursing the continuing spell of good weather.

STUDENTS sitting State examinations across Limerick are cursing the continuing spell of good weather.

Some 5,447 pupils began their Leaving and Junior Certificate - and Leaving Cert Applied - examinations in schools around Limerick this sunny Wednesday morning.

Pat Byrne, deputy principal in Laurel Hill Colaiste, said that the mood in the school was “very positive” ahead of the start of exams.

“The mood is very positive, they have done the work and they just want to get started now,” said Mr Byrne of the students - some 68 of which are taking the Leaving Cert - in the school.

“Once the first one is over they have a clear run then. It is the anxiety of the build-up that gets under their skin a little bit.”

A total of 2,427 - 1,178 female and 1,249 male - students will sit the Leaving Cert in Limerick, plus 191 at Leaving Cert Applied level - 103 female and 88 male - and 2,829 Junior Certs, or 1,336 female and 1,493 male students.

Tom Prendergast, principal of CBS Sexton Street, offered some key advice for students sitting the exams for the next three weeks.

“The weather makes it difficult, but it has been conducive to study all year, we have had the longest winter in memory,” he said.

“There is pressure every year and they all want to do well.

“One piece of advice is to not carry out post-mortems, regardless of how they feel after, they need to move on and prepare for Thursday and not spend time going back over mistakes.

“They have to think about their body clock too, there is no point in burning the midnight oil, they need rest and a good night’s sleep as well as eating well and keeping hydrated in the warm weather,” added the CBS principal, who has 166 students in total sitting Leaving and Junior Cert exams.

A total of 116,845 candidates will sit State exams in Ireland this month, producing a massive 38 million A4 pages as they go.

Leaving Cert results will be out on August 14.