Garda told to ‘f*** off’ by man who said he’d ‘bust him’

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

Paul Cagney, solicitor, said his client is trying to deal with his issues
A CHARLEVILLE man who told a garda to “f*** off” and that he would “bust him” received a four-month prison sentence at Kilmallock Court.

A CHARLEVILLE man who told a garda to “f*** off” and that he would “bust him” received a four-month prison sentence at Kilmallock Court.

Christopher McCann, aged 30, of Smiths Lane, Charleville pleaded guilty to obstructing a peace officer; threatening, abusive, insulting behaviour; failure to comply with directions of a garda and intoxication in a public place.

Superintendent Pat McCarthy said on February 4 at 9pm gardai were called to a domestic dispute at Smiths Lane, Charleville.

“The accused was acting in a very aggressive manner. He was clearly intoxicated.

“His partner alleged to the garda that he held a knife to her throat but made no complaint to gardai,” said Supt McCarthy.

McCann began asking for a fight and put his head up close to Garda Anthony O’Connor’s face, said the superintendent.

“He was asked to leave the area peacefully but he continued to be aggressive. He told the garda to f*** off and he would bust him,” said Supt McCarthy.

As McCann was being placed in handcuffs he became violent and refused to put his hands behind his back, the court heard.

“Two other gardai had to assist Garda O’Connor to get him [McCann} into the car,” said Supt McCarthy.McCann’s solicitor, Paul Cagney, said his client pleads guilty to all matters and sought to plea at the first opportunity.

Mr Cagney said there are serious underlying issues and McCann is attending a doctor and mental health resource centre.

“It was drink fuelled. There are serious underlying anger issues and he is trying to deal with them,” said Mr Cagney.

He said that his client has come to the attention of gardai in recent times but McCann’s previous convictions go back over six years.

The solicitor said the superintendent made issue of a particular matter [McCann allegedly holding a knife to his partner’s throat] which has been resolved.

“His partner is here with him today,” said Mr Cagney, who added that his client is a blocklayer but is currently out of work.

Supt McCarthy said they have serious concerns regarding McCann.

“The level of violence is at a very high level. He is in their faces [gardai’s].

“We have serious concerns. This is ongoing for 18 months. It is taking up a lot of garda time.

“I have concerns something far more serious is going to happen unless he deals with his anger management and his substance issues,” said Supt McCarthy.

Judge Mary Larkin imposed a four month prison sentence for obstructing a peace officer and took the rest of the charges into consideration.

Mr Cagney asked the judge to suspend the sentence as his client is dealing with his issues and that he would benefit from being under the probation and welfare services.

Judge Larkin said no and fixed recognaissance in the event of an appeal.