Drunk male tells gardai he would ‘burn their homes’

Donal O’Regan


Donal O’Regan

A 21-YEAR-OLD man took off his T-shirt and put his fists up to gardai, Kilmallock Court heard.

A 21-YEAR-OLD man took off his T-shirt and put his fists up to gardai, Kilmallock Court heard.

John Kennedy, age 21, of Hillview Drive, Charleville but has an “unstable accommodation situ-ation”, pleaded guilty to two charges of intoxication; one of threatening/abusive/insulting behaviour; failure to comply with direction of a member of the gardai and urinating in a public place.

On June 26, Inspector Edward Golden said Kennedy was going in and out of traffic on Charleville’s Main Street.

“He was unstable on his feet and intoxicated. He was directed to leave the area but didn’t leave the vicinity.

“He took off his T-shirt and put up his fists to gardai,” said Insp Golden.

After being arrested, Inspector Golden said Kennedy continued to be threatening to gardai and would “burn their houses out”.

Separately, at 10.20pm on July 6, gardai received an anonymous call to Hillview Drive, Charleville.

“The defendant was very drunk, he was knocking on doors.

“He was intoxicated to such an extent that he was a danger to himself and others. He couldn’t stand,” said Insp Golden.

Kennedy’s solicitor, Declan Duggan, said his client is coming frequently to the attention of gardai.

“The incidents are entirely borne out of excessive consumption of alcohol.

“Every time I’ve met him he has different injuries and has no recollection of the injuries.

“When these incidents were brought to his attention he apologised to the gardai and his remorse is genuine.

“He is a danger to himself more so than anyone else.

“It is all borne out of alcohol,” said Mr Duggan, who added that Kennedy has an “unstable accommodation situation and spend times vagrantly”.

Mr Duggan said his client wants to try alcohol treatment and prison is not the place for him.

“He received injuries two nights ago that can only be from an assault but he can’t recall it . He has broken teeth,” said Mr Duggan.

Insp Golden said Kennedy has come to their attention more and more in recent times.

“It is escalating. He does need some sort of intervention,” said Insp Golden.

Referring to Kennedy knocking on doors, Judge Mary Larkin said people are entitled to sleep at night.

“They would be quite upset and frightened by this,” said Judge Larkin.

At 3.05am on November 26, 2011 at 3.05am Insp Golden said a garda patrol was passing a fast food outlet in Charleville.

“There was a large crowd. The defendant was urinating in full view of them. There was no effort to conceal what he was doing,” said Insp Golden.

Mr Duggan said his client doesn’t recall it but pleaded guilty.

“When sober he is extremely embarrassed by this behaviour,” said Mr Duggan.

Judge Larkin imposed a three month sentence suspended for one year on condition that Kennedy doesn’t reoffend, avails of necessary treatment, stays out of Charleville from 8pm to 8am and resides in Buttevant.