Limerick gardai offer help with murder investigation in Dundalk

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

LIMERICK gardai have offered to help out on their own time with the massive investigation into the shocking killing of Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe in Dundalk.

LIMERICK gardai have offered to help out on their own time with the massive investigation into the shocking killing of Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe in Dundalk.

This comes as tragic links to the slain garda have emerged in Limerick, with his wife and fellow garda Caroline having trained in Roxboro Road over 16 years ago, while her twin brother Derek Deloughery is a sergeant stationed in Henry Street.

The father of two was shot after disturbing a robbery at a credit union in Dundalk on Friday night and the murder has rekindled the pain that “is still there” from Jerry McCabe’s 1996 murder, according to Limerick’s most senior garda Chief Superintendent David Sheahan.

Chief Supt. Sheahan said there was a “very deep sense of shock” when the news came through of the horrific incident.

“The last tragic killing of a garda was a member from Henry Street and that pain is still there,” said Chief Supt. Sheahan, confirming that gardai in Limerick had volunteered to spend off-duty time aiding the investigation in Louth.

“Yes, there was an element of that and I think that is the sheer shock of what happened and they deserve a chance around that,” he said, adding that he felt the offers were “an effort to show solidarity with the trauma of what happened”.

The Chief Supt. said he wanted to express his sympathy to Detective Donohoe’s family and said the news had “really hit the gardai family hard” and caused “heartache”.

“Certainly I would express my sympathy and it is ironic that there should be such a close link between Henry Street again and the death of Garda Donohoe in Dundalk. There was a very deep sense of shock when the news came in. We all remember where we were when these things happen and I will know where I was on Friday night when the news came through. It is certainly like it is back in Jerry McCabe’s time again.”

Caroline Donohoe - nee Deloughery - is originally from Kilkee and trained in Limerick while on probation. The couple were married in Kilkee nearly a decade ago and Caroline’s parents have lived there all of their married life, while her brother Kieran Deloughery is a decorated member of the Marine Search and Rescue Service in the seaside town in Co Clare.

Jerry McCabe’s widow Ann has also expressed her shock at the killing in Dundalk.

“We all thought those dark days were left behind. Seventeen years later and to see that we are looking down the road at this again - it is just unbelievable,” she said. “God love that poor family - a young family with children. I can just imagine (what they are going through), it brings it all up again. They will have some long days ahead of them but they can rely on the support of An Garda Siochana and the wonderful support of the public.”

Detective McCabe’s colleague Ben O’Sullivan, who was wounded in the IRA gang attack in Adare, was at a meeting of retired garda officers in the Strand Hotel on Friday night when news came through of the shooting in Dundalk. Pat Kearney, Jerry McCabe’s brother in law, was with Mr O’Sullivan when news of the murder of Garda Donohoe filtered through.

“We were absolutely all shocked when the phone call came in of what happened in Louth. All of Jerry’s friends were there - everyone there worked with him and investigated his murder. Ben O’Sullivan was with me and the phone call came in and it was dreadful, absolutely dreadful. Ben is still strong and healthy and positive about getting on with life, but everyone was so upset when we heard of what happened that poor detective,” Mr Kearney said.