Limerick man among the country’s “most unromantic”

Anne Sheridan


Anne Sheridan

A LIMERICK man is in the running to receive the dubious honour of ‘Ireland’s most unromantic man’ this week.

Nominated by his girlfriend, 50 year-old Tim Stakelum, who is originally from Holy Cross, Co Tipperary, believes romance is something which should be left to the movies and the imagination of film directors.

In fact, he believes Hollywood has made up all this “romance nonsense” and women have naively fallen for it.

Girlfriend Debbie Ogilvie nominated her partner after seeing the competition on Facebook, the social networking site.

She was a little stunned when she received the call from the organisers to say that he had made the final call.

And Tim was wholly unprepared to see his face in several national newspapers under the headline “Meet Ireland’s most unromantic men.”

The couple met two years ago when they were both working for the company 02 in Castletroy.

While Debbie did receive a box of chocolates on Valentine’s day, she said he is not the type of guy to likes to buy her flowers on the spur of the moment, and anniversaries just pass him by.

“I just saw it on Facebook, and it was always something that had come up between me and Tim. I didn’t know whether it was the old country Tipperary in him or what,” she joked.

“He does remember my birthday, but I have to remind him. Though last year he thought it was on the 14th, and it was actually the 21st,” she said.

Rather than sitting down to watching a romantic comedy, Tim advocates that it is the practical things men do that shows how much they really care.

Tim, who has lived in Limerick for over six years, is competing against men from Dublin, Westmeath and Kilkenny to win the title, which carries the prize of a holiday in Cyprus courtesy of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.

More than 80 nominations were received from around the country since the competition opened on Valentine’s Day, and Tim was one of the final five selected to go forward.

The public will vote to decide who deserves the title of Ireland’s Most Unromantic Man, and the winner will be announced on Thursday, March 3.

His competitors include Anthony Doyle, 35, from Co. Dublin, who made up for forgetting his girlfriend’s birthday for the second year running by buying her a car battery for Christmas.

Niall Dillon, 30, Co Westmeath, was nominated by his wife, after he took her to the cattle market for a sausage sandwich as a Valentine’s Day treat.

Some of the men who didn’t make the finals were nominated for remembering their dog’s birthday and not their wife’s.

Another man struck a chord with females across the country as his partner told the nation that he could not remember his fiancée’s telephone number after two years. One man wrote a poem about his girlfriend’s cellulite, and another presented his wife with a cow for their wedding anniversary.

The public will be able to vote for who is their favourite unromantic on