Limerick manager wanted: salary €153,260

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

THE application process for the new head of Limerick City and County Councils is under way.

THE application process for the new head of Limerick City and County Councils is under way.

The role of dual manager/manager designate for the new Limerick local authority is being advertised on the web site.

Although the new authority will not be established until 2014, it will be the role of the new manager to start merging services.

In 2014, they will then become the first ever manager of the unified authority.

The successful applicant will be employed on a seven-year contract, as is customary for senior positions in the public service.

They will be rewarded with a basic annual salary of €153,260.

According to the jobs specification, the new manager will be expected to “oversee” and “define” the restructuring of the two authorities.

They will also have to “drive forward change management,” it adds.

Other duties include a remit to “maximise the social, economic and physical development” of Limerick City.

He or she will also have a responsibility for managing the regeneration process which comes under the control of the new local authority next month.

Sinn Fein’s northside councillor Maurice Quinlivan has critcised the proposed salary for the new manager.

He believes it is “way too high” and “sends out all the wrong messages at a time when many ordinary people are struggling to make ends meet.”

He repeated his party’s call for a €100,000 ceiling on public sector salaries.

“That the new city manager will be paid almost €3,000 a week when the country is in a bailout programme is simply staggering. We have two Government Ministers in our constituency, have they really got nothing to say on this issue,” he asked.

While Ministers Michael Noonan and Jan O’Sullivan were unavailable for comment, Mayor Jim Long pointed out that pay rates for senior civil servants are set by the Commission for Public Service Appointments, and is not a matter for local councillors.

“It is remiss of him to be making a statement when the new manager’s job is about the survival of Limerick City. This appointment is of huge significance to Limerick and it is extremely unhelpful to the manager elect,” Mayor Long said.

Kieran Lehane has been temporarily in charge since Tom Mackey stood down in February. The closing date is May 31.