Daytime closure of Limerick’s single women’s hostel averted

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Hugh Silke had warned of closure
THE daytime closure of the region’s only hostel for abused and homeless women has been averted.

THE daytime closure of the region’s only hostel for abused and homeless women has been averted.

The Associated Charities Trust, which runs the facility has agreed a series of measures with the local authority and the HSE to avert the daytime closure.

The board of management of the Associated Charities Trust, Limerick City and County Council and the HSE - all of which fund the service - have acknowledged the vital role it plays in the delivery of regional homeless services for single females.

Due to a €60,000 debt pile, Hugh Silke, the founding director of the service had warned Thomond House was facing daytime closure from July 1.

This would have left its residents wandering the streets by day.

However, the measures agreed by the directors will ensure this does not happen.

These include some compensation for the withdrawal of National Lottery funding, which was a key element of the core funding for more than ten years.

Alongside this, Thomond House will be undertaking cost cutting measures in areas like accomodation, maintenance, housing unit refurbishment and staff costs.

In a statement, Thomond House said this will “align its operation to the scarce available resources”.

They said that its residents are delighted the closure has been averted, “and they can have the peace of mind that they can rely on Thomond House as a secure nightime and daytime accommodation base whilst they strive to resolve their respective homeless situations”.

Opened in 1994, Thomond House is the sole female emergency homeless hostel in the Mid-West.

A planned expansion of the service to take on units immediately adjacent to the facility for independent living units is on hold while planners deliberate on the application.

Funding is already secured for this.