Cameras could be used to catch Limerick graffiti vandals

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

THE council could use hidden cameras to catch out a graffiti vandal who has targeted dozens of shops and signs across the city.

THE council could use hidden cameras to catch out a graffiti vandal who has targeted dozens of shops and signs across the city.

After a spate of attacks in the last week, city south councillor Maria Byrne held talks with the city council’s environment department who have agreed to examine the possibility of installing hidden cameras at strategic locations.

These would be the same cameras used to catch those who engage in illegal dumping, Cllr Byrne said.

“These cameras have been successful in prosecuting people when it comes to dumping. Hopefully they will catch the person doing this damage: I firmly believe it is just a handful of people acting,” Cllr Byrne said.

Businessman Kevin Cummins, of Cummins Picture Framing in Post Office Lane saw the wall by his entrance destroyed in the attack last Tuesday night.

He is not going to clean the graffiti off the door for fear the person will return.

“This person only seems to surface after 11 o’clock at night. But he has the lane destroyed. I am not going to touch that door for another couple of weeks, because it will just invite him back again,” Kevin confirmed.

The businessman said the person who attacked his, and other businesses in the area is “nothing more than a midnight vandal.”

“It is frustrating because we have no way of protecting ourselves. It is happening in the middle of the night, and we cannot be here 24/7,” he said.

Instead of attacking street signs, walls and the fronts and backs of businesses, the artist should contribute to a mural at the end of the Post Office Lane, Kevin said, backing the use of hidden cameras in order to catch the culprit.

Cllr Byrne said the graffiti is “soul destroying” for many communities.

“I got a text from a man in Westfields. He is involved in the Going for Gold and Tidy Towns competition. He told me every second day they are cleaning graffiti off signs and walls in their area. People are trying to come together to create a community spirit,” she explained.

As well as city centre areas, a number of road signs on the entrance to the city were also daubed in graffiti.

Cllr Byrne said that because the attacks are happening by night, many people are not, reports are not being made to the Gardai.

She has urged anyone who does see instances of vandalism like this to contact either Henry Street Garda station on 061-212400, or Roxboro Garda station at 061-214340.