Psychic claims public hanging is cause of ghosts in Limerick market

Anne Sheridan


Anne Sheridan

A LOCAL psychic believes a public execution in the city some three centuries ago could be the cause of ‘ghosts’ in the Milk Market.

A LOCAL psychic believes a public execution in the city some three centuries ago could be the cause of ‘ghosts’ in the Milk Market.

Madam Tina Scully, who gives psychic readings in the famous Limerick marketplace and who has had “the gift” of communicating with the spirit world since she was 11, believes she is close to cracking the mystery of unexplained sightings and presences in the 200 year-old market.

She told the Limerick Leader that she believes the spirit of a man who murdered his friend in the 18th century is lingering there due to his regret and remorse.

Madam Tina said she has communicated with a man called Dan (or Daniel), who murdered his friend Tom, and Dan was then killed in a public hanging and buried in an unmarked grave.

“He’s trapped. He can’t actually forgive himself for what has gone on and is trapped in that energy. But the spirit of the person who was killed isn’t there. We feel the name Whittington is connected as well, but it may just sound like Whittington, and it’s vital we find out the right name to make the right connection,” she said.

The Corbally woman has arranged a seance - a method to communicate with spirits - in the market on April 15 in an attempt to discover the real reason behind mysterious goings-on in the market.

“This isn’t something I’d normally dabble in, and we have to be careful with the seance because it could bring in any entity. But I really want to document what’s happening there. With the seance you have the letters placed around a table so you can actually spell out the name,” she explained.

A spiritualist and a historian will also be present with her in the market on that date to help with the seance. She said these issues “must be treated with respect”, and said anyone is welcome to attend the seance.

Madam Tina was present with a team of paranormal investigators with Ghost Hunt Ireland in the marketplace recently, when they slept there overnight and recorded hours of footage.

Breda Duggan, the founder of Ghost Hunt Ireland, said a lot of the incidents they experienced during the night could be explained by “natural factors” - such as traffic, general noise or dust - but they intend to return to the market again due to “anomalies” in the footage.

Madam Tina said while Ghost Hunt Ireland investigators are picking up on paranormal activity, “they are not tuned into the spiritual world because they’re not psychic.”

She said she has had this gift since her grand-father died when she was quite young, and shortly afterwards was able to predict the death of another relative, after it was communicated to her in a dream a few weeks earlier.

The market was investigated after a break-in in January, when CCTV footage showed unusual glowing ‘orbs’ darting in and out of the screen.

David O’Brien, manager of the market, said numerous local people have come forward reporting their own eerie experiences in the market since the initial reports.