Limerick students receive Leaving Certificate results

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Leader Reporters

Shane Nolan, Ciaran Hehir and Paul Leonard collect their Leaving Cert results at CBS Sexton Street this Wednesday morning. Below, Ardscoil Ris principal Brid de Brun with Eoin O'Brien
ALMOST 3,000 students across Limerick city and county have begun arriving at schools to collect their Leaving Certificate results.

ALMOST 3,000 students across Limerick city and county have begun arriving at schools to collect their Leaving Certificate results.

While the results will be available online later today, students gathered from 9am eagerly awaiting their results this Wednesday morning.

One delighted student was Eoin O’Brien from Ardscoil Ris in the city received seven A1 grades in higher level subjects.

“We had a great Leaving Cert class this year with 25% of students achieving over 500 points in their exam,” said

Nollaig O’Grady, deputy principal, of Eoin, who hails from the Ennis Road.

Shauna O’Mahoney, who collected her results at Colaiste Nano Nagle earlier today, said she was happy with how she did.

“I think I did good, I got an A in English, I hope to go on and study New Media and English, and I passed maths, considering how bad the Maths paper 1 was,” she said.

Shane Nolan of CBS Sexton Street said he was happy with almost everything.

“I’m happy with everything but my business results, I thought I would get a high B but I got a high C,” he said.

Principal of CBS, Tom Prendergast, said: “I think overall our students are happy, but I think they will be happier on Monday when they receive their CAO offers.”

“We always say to our boys that if they don’t get the points they want to always have a plan B or even a plan C. There are many pathways to the career that they want, so even though there may be some disappointment today in the overall scheme of things, it can all work out very well for them,” he added.

Minister for Education, Jan O’Sullivan TD visited Castletroy College this morning to offer her personal congratulations to students who came to collect their results.

“We’re seeing some very happy Leaving Cert students get their results. It has been a very good year. No very dramatic shifts but certainly some increases in the number of students getting As, Bs and Cs,” said the Minister, who commented on the proportion of students failing higher level mathematics rising for the third year running.

It has raised questions about the quality of maths teaching.

“The percentage of students who didn’t get a D or higher in honours maths is around about the average for maths and science subjects. Generally there are higher numbers in chemistry for example.

“It is pretty much within the norms. What is positive about the higher level maths paper is we now have over 27% of students taking it. That has been steadily increasing and it has achieved what we wanted - we wanted students that have the ability to take the paper and go for it.

“Overall that is a positive and we will keep it under review to ensure it is working properly - changes were made relatively recently,” added Minister O’Sullivan.

Just over 202 students completed their Leaving Cert in Castletroy College and one of the youngest, and happiest, was Sean Campion. Sean, from the Golf Links Road, won’t turn 18 until next April.

“I got 400 points and 505 in my art college portfolio so I’m thrilled,” said a beaming Sean, who plans to attend Limerick School of Art and Design.

Although due to his age he told the Limerick Leader he won’t be celebrating with friends tonight, but will have a meal with his proud parents instead.

Padraig Flanagan, principal, said there was a great atmosphere in the school.

“Sometimes youngsters don’t open their results but most of them are opening them and sharing and the results are very strong.

“There have been no complaints. They are a strong group and I hate making a fuss out of the headline results but there were some really, really strong headlines ones. But ultimately only the student can judge them selves - sometimes modest results on paper are tremendous achievements,” said Mr Flanagan.

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