Limerick’s Breen achieving his goals

Jerome O’Connell


Jerome O’Connell

Limerick's David Breen shoots to score his side's first goal despite the efforts of Ciaran Kenny of Wexford
DAVID Breen soloed goalwards with intent in just the third minute.

DAVID Breen soloed goalwards with intent in just the third minute.

He cracked his low drive off the upright and temporary blood sub Seanie Tobin finished the rebound to the net.

The referee ultimately called back the play for three catches from Breen, but Limerick had signalled their intent.

Just over 20-minutes later, Breen moved forward from the same right wing forward slot.

As he has done many times for Na Piarsaigh, he gathered a pass to surged forward to crash to the net.

At 1-13 to 0-5 Limerick were on their way.

“I was looking for a break and I am just happy it came. There was a half-hook but it hit the net and that’s all that matters,” recalled David Breen with a broad smile.

“I always helps when it’s your clubman that pops it. Myself and Dowling would work well together and in fairness he is a smart kid and he knows when the score is on and when to leave it off,” said Breen of his first Limerick goal since the 2001 All Ireland quarter-final loss to Kilkenny.

“We were just disappointed that we didn’t take more of those chances in the Munster final. We felt if we are to be in the top four in the country, you need to be creating chances like that and now we are able to make goal chances for ourselves and we showed that today,” said Breen.

A hat-trick of Wexford points looked to have sent Liam Dunne’ men to the interval dressing room with a slimmer of hopes at 1-15 to 0-8 but then Limerick found more goals.

“The second goal was a real good boost and timely for us to go in at half time and we would steel ourselves in the dressing room because we knew we would be up against it again if we didn’t keep the squeeze on,” recalled the former inter-county captain.

“In any game you are going to be on top but it’s how much you put on the board when you are on top that matters. Unfortunately we didn’t do that against Cork and they came back and took their chances and we paid the price in the Munster final.”

He added: “we are just grateful that we didn’t pay the ultimate prize of being out of the championship and we had a second chance and we took it today”.

Breen explained how Limerick took all the positives from the Munster final loss.

“We really really wanted to be Munster champions again. But we wanted to play frequent matches and to be honest we got over the disappointment of it by looking at the fact that we had frequent matches and not waiting around five or six weeks for another game - you can play all the in-house matches in the world but championship matches are out there.”

The 28 year old believes that Limerick “are in a better phase now in this semi-final than this time last year.”

“For me I just want to keep playing matches, I don’t like hanging around for five weeks - we just want to keep playing matches and we will go back training and work hard and go from there.”

Given his desire for frequent games, Breen, who played in the All Ireland semi-final defeats of 2009 and 2011, didn’t fully agree with the Wexford ‘tiredness’ factor.

“I didn’t buy into the fact that they might be tired. I thought they were in a great position after playing four games on the trot,” he said.

He also revealed that the absence of captain Donal O’Grady was a motivator.

“We didn’t really know until this morning when the call was made in the hotel. Dodge is outstanding and a great captain and that was a motivating factor.”