Qualifiers offer Limerick footballers chance to atone for ‘terrible’ display

Jerome O’Connell


Jerome O’Connell

Limerick football  manager John Brudair
THE route through the backdoor of the All-Ireland Qualifiers will begin for Limerick on the weekend of June 21/22.

THE route through the backdoor of the All-Ireland Qualifiers will begin for Limerick on the weekend of June 21/22.

Limerick will face opposition from; Fermanagh, Derry, Offaly, Wicklow, London, Dublin or Laois, Longford or Wexford.

Limerick captain Seanie Buckley believes that the next game will offer a chance “to prove it to ourselves in a championship day and to everybody else”.

He added: “it’s fine to talk ourselves up here and there but we got to prove it”.

“It’s disappointed because in fairness things have been right for us and things felt right going into it and things have been put in place for us and it is a happy camp - at the end of the day all the work we put in for so many months and this 70-minutes comes and goes in a flash and you either peak or it passes you by,” sighed Buckley.

Since the high of reaching the All-Ireland quarter-final of 2011, Limerick have now won just two (Waterford and Longford) or seven championship games - losing to Tipperary, Longford, Cork, Kildare, Clare, Kerry.

Similar to the Clare loss of 2012, last Saturday evening was Limerick’s first championship loss to Tipperary since the county found a football foothold in 2000.

“They were the dominant side throughout, we had a bit of a spell in the second half. Throughout the 70-minutes they were winning in all the important areas of the field - areas of hunger, breaking ball, drive. They were getting it handy from kick-outs, breaking ball and when you have that momentum and impetus you can drive forward at 100 miles,” recalled Buckley.

“We will look at the middle eight and just say that it wasn’t up to scratch - not anywhere near good enough.”

He continued: “we were fidgety and dropping balls - it’s hard to put a finger on why. When we had the ball we were indecisive and didn’t seem to have the same commitment to drive as they did”.

Even the half time break didn’t kick-start a challenge.

”We spoke at half time and said we really hadn’t got going and that there was an opportunity - we had almost been left in the game that we could have been gone out of. We battled for a period which was important and maybe if we got it to a goal cracks might have shown but as an overall 70-minutes performance it was terrible really.”