Limerick GAA impasse continues over Tom Ryan appointment

Jerome O’Connell


Jerome O’Connell

Tom Ryan
THE impasse surrounding the proposal of Tom Ryan as Limerick intermediate hurling manager is to continue into a third week.

THE impasse surrounding the proposal of Tom Ryan as Limerick intermediate hurling manager is to continue into a third week.

This Wednesday, Limerick secretary Mike O’Riordan confirmed that there would be no ‘Special County Board Meeting this week.”

In an email to clubs, the secretary wrote ‘It will now take place early next week. Agenda and Date to confirmed by Friday.”

The three main officers of Limerick GAA - chairman Oliver Mann, Treasurer Donal Morrissey and the secretary met with the selection committee this Tuesday night but there was no resolution.

The selection committee are standing by their initial proposal of Tom Ryan and selectors Don Flynn, Tony Roche, Pat Howard and Jimmy Carroll and the executive’s are also not for changing.

This Thursday night the three main officers report back to the remainder of the officers of the top table and following this another County Board meeting will be scheduled.

At last Thursday’s heated County Board meeting, the clubs of the county forced the officers into a rethink of their rejection of Ryan.

But the top brass have defended their decision to reject Ryan’s inter-county return.

“There was a lot of debate on both management teams and everything was discussed thoroughly. The feeling was that the intermediate management team wouldn’t be sanctioned. There was lengthy debate - this was not done on a whim,” outlined Mike O’Riordan to the County Board meeting.

The chairman Oliver Mann echoed those words.

“I can assure everyone that I am not one bit influenced by politics - politics and me are nonexistent,” said Mann at the heated meeting.

“Management will meet in the meantime and in view of what has been said here tonight, we have a lot of thinking to do. We sincerely made a decision on Monday night based on sincerely held views after a lengthy discussion - obviously the people sitting here in front of me don’t have confidence in the decision we made and that’s is something we have to deal with,” said the chairman.

Limerick GAA vice-chairman Pat Heffernan was chairman of the selection committee, with Paul Foley, Gerdie McGrath, Mike Cunningham and Paddy Kelly.

He has revealed that the selection committee had been asked to find another management team but that all five had indicated that they would not be willing to continue in the role after their initial recommendation was rejected.