10 Questions with a Limerick Sports Star ... Shane Tracy

Limerick's FC's Shane Tracy in action against Sean O'Connor of Shamrock Rovers
Limerick FC player Shane Tracy is the subject of the Limerick Leader’s 10 Questions this week..

Limerick FC player Shane Tracy is the subject of the Limerick Leader’s 10 Questions this week..

Shane Tracy is a Limerick FC player currently playing in the Airtricity Premier Division. Tracy was signed by Arsenal as a schoolboy and spent two years on the books of the Arsenal club before returning to Ireland and signing for Galway Utd. He later returned to Limerick and was part of the side that won Division 1 of the league last season to earn promotion back to the top flight.

1. If you could play with any player, past or present, who would it be?

Dennis Bergkamp - He is one of the best technical players I’ve ever seen. You could learn a lot from him

2. If you could revisit any one moment in your career and go back and change it, what moment would you choose?

Leaving England early - I left when I still had a year left on my contract. I felt I wasn’t going to get any further at arsenal so I came home. I feel now I should have stuck it out and seen if I could have gotten a chance at another club

3. Who do you think is Limerick’s greatest ever sports person?

Paul O Connell - The success he’s had in his career and some of the performances he has put in for Munster and Ireland have been incredible. He’s also a natural leader, as you can see in his performances

4. You’re a goal down in the last minute of a big game. What team-mate would you most like to see with the ball at his feet in the opposition box?

Craig Curran - He is a top player and we’ve missed him in the last few weeks. He’s had some great finishes in and around the box this season

5. What young player would you say is ‘one to watch’ in your own club?

Val Feeney - he’s got excellent technique and confidence for a young lad. If he keeps developing and learning I think he could have a great career.

6. What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you on a soccer field?

Jarring my knee - I went up for a header in my League of Ireland debut against Cork a few years ago and jarred my knee when contacting the ground again. It was pretty sore

7. Who was the best player you played against at underage level growing up?

Anthony Stokes - he was miles ahead of everyone growing up. Technically he was excellent and would win games on his own. He’s had great success for Celtic since joining them

8. You can have two free tickets to any sports event in the world. What would you go to and who would you bring with you?

World Cup Final - I’ve been to the Champions League Final so I would love to see the World Cup final. I think it would be a great spectacle. I’d take my son to it, he’s only two now so I’d have to wait a few years. My father would love it too so I couldn’t leave him out either

9. What top sports star would you most like to hit a late challenge?

Pepe - he’s probably the dirtiest, nastiest and most annoying player over the last few years. He’s done some horrible things to players and when he’s touched he dives around the place like he’s been shot

10. What four people would you invite to a dinner party?

Alan from the Hangover, Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey and Charlie Sheen. Be some serious banter and a few quality stories I’d imagine