Limerick hurling managers called to task over ‘abysmal’ league

Jerome O’Connell


Jerome O’Connell

Limerick joint managers Donal O'Grady, left, and TJ Ryan
LIMERICK GAA’s top brass have met with the senior hurling management to seek answers for the “abysmal” league campaign.

LIMERICK GAA’s top brass have met with the senior hurling management to seek answers for the “abysmal” league campaign.

Joint managers Donal O’Grady and TJ Ryan met with the County Board chairman, secretary and treasurer last Thursday as Limerick are set for a fifth year outside of the elite in the National League.

“They basically apologised for the performance against Offaly in particular - they put their hands up,” reported Limerick secretary to the April County Board meeting on Tuesday night.

The below par NHL displays were debated for 15 minutes.

“I am not here trying to defend the indefensible because I am just as disgusted as everyone else. I was in the Gaelic Grounds and had to walk through the 2,000 people that were there from Limerick and there was fire coming out their eyes - the fact of it and there is no one hiding from it,” said O’Riordan, referencing the Galway loss.

“We basically outlined the dissatisfaction of the board to the league - we went through every aspect of the performances during the league and in particular the Galway game. I think that everybody here will agree that the second half performance against Galway was very disappointing. I was going through the Gaelic Grounds after the game and people were full of venom, is the word that I would use they were so disappointed,” said O’Riordan.

He added: “They had paid €20 to go in and it was abysmal”.

The secretary told the gathering of club delegates that the management were “bitterly disappointed”.

“They have had 47 training sessions since the start of the year,” outlined O’Riordan.

Limerick GAA chairman Oliver Mann appealed for all to support the team ahead of the championship clash with Tipperary on June 1.

“We are all disappointed and there is no doubt about that - even more disappointed than coming out of Thurles last year after Dublin beat us. We have to get behind the team and management because we don’t have any other choice.

“Having spoken with them they are very much aware of the way the GAA public in Limerick feel and they are also aware that the management of the County Board was not happy with the performance during the league - they were left in no doubt of that,” said Mann.

“I left Rathkeale happy that they are going to make every effort, a superhuman effort, to turn things around.”